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  1. We’re Moving!


    April 4, 2015 by Musical

    Pack up and get ready to rumble. Cause we have a new home! Advertisements

  2. Your Author Returns


    January 6, 2015 by Musical

    Hey Guys! I realize that you have been horribly neglected these past few months. Along with a plea for forgiveness, …
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  3. Welcome Summer!


    June 27, 2014 by Musical

      Since my last post, many things have happened. To make it easy, I present to you a list (with …
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  4. Summer Is Coming!

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    April 7, 2014 by Musical

    You all know what that means right? More time, more fun, and more posts from me! Get ready, because coming …
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  5. As Of Late

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    April 5, 2014 by Musical

    Lately I have been listening to an outrageous amount of Queen, and music from musicals such as Wicked. Tetris, and …
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  6. Scary Story


    March 4, 2014 by Musical

    Was feeling bored, so my twisted mind decided I would write this. This isn’t about me for the most part. …
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  7. *Excitement Intensifies*

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    February 23, 2014 by Musical

    Every year, my excitement level reaches a maximum around this time of year… Nekamo Camp. I’m the goth-looking kid, who …
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  8. Valentines

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    January 27, 2014 by Musical

    Hello Sweetie, I just wanted to share some ‘valentines’ that I made with you. They are so horrible, I am …
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  9. The Quirky Life of a Sleep Deprived Teen


    January 15, 2014 by Musical

    Hello Sweetie. I really need to change my subtitle to this. As it is quite true (maybe even more so …
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  10. Shirt and Drawings

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    January 15, 2014 by Musical

    Hello Sweetie, Good news! I bought a t-shirt! Technically 2 shirts… Anyway, it is super awesome. ^__^   You like? …
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