About My Family


Hey Guys,

I wanted to tell you, a little bit about my,family.

My Dad,

He’s a Funny,Tall, Happy, Dad. He worked in the army a few years ago, but now works on computers. 🙂

My Mom,

She’s a Fun, Short (fun sized 😉 ), Nice, Mama.She has had all us kids, (in other words, we haven’t adopted. :))

Here is her blog: http://the-ewes-gnus.blogspot.com/

My big sister Andie,

She’s  a great big sister, but you don’t have to take it from me, here’s her blog: http://andiebelle.wordpress.com/ , I know she likes comments!

My big sister Meg,

She’s a really great big sister, here’s her blog:
http://kittysperson.wordpress.com/ , She really, likes to know what people think! 🙂

Le Me Le Me.
(see ‘About me‘)

My little brother Bubba,

He’s an awesome little brother, He likes Legos, Spy games,and playing with his little sister. He has a blog too:
http://catinthetuxedo.wordpress.com/ , I’d make his day if you commented!

My little sister HH,


She’s a really great little sister, She is our family comedian.

Here is her blog: http://doodlesnoodlesnthings.wordpress.com/

My little sister Charity,
She was  born 2 hours after HH, now she is in heaven.

My other little siblings,
My other siblings that I shall meet in heaven.

My little brother Will,
My little brother that I’ll meet in heaven.

My little brother Little J.
Little J

And, No. He does not have a blog. He is almost 2, and hardly talks about anything other than ‘nomie noms’ (Translation: Food).


2 thoughts on “About My Family

  1. go beaver!!!!!!!!!!!!!! yay!!!!!!

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I'm a spunky, fun-lovin' 13 year old. I live on a 10 acre mini-farm, with my 5 siblings and 2 parents, Dad, Mom, Russian Panda, Shorty, Alfred, HH, and Klingon, the newest member to our funny little clan. Everyday (since January 2013) I have been wearing a tophat and or bowtie, sometime everyday. I'm hoping my New Year's resolution will last. :3

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