Photographing Groups

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Since I have a large family, I have a lot of chance to get groups pictures.

1. Use Continuous

For me it is one of the hardest things to do, (other than sport photos). Someone is always doing something wrong, whether it’s blinking, talking, (For the little kids) making faces, or even someone being totally out of the picture. It’s really frustrating, but if you use continuous, there is sure to be some moment that everyone looks okay.

2. Try Not to Get Frustrated

It’s extremely hard not to, (I know this from experience, it has happened many a time.) but when you do, other people get frustrated and leave, and before you know it, you’re a photographer with a camera but no people to take pictures of, and you’ll end up taking self portraits in the mirror doing the “Duck Face, and plastering the photos all over the internet. I’ve been there, done that, just don’t do it, it’ll save you camera batteries.

3. Don’t Lose Somebody in The Crowd

With a group, there are tall and short people, the goal here is to get at least a head in somewhere, or, in other words, get everyone’s head in the photo. Tallies in the back, Shorties in the front, tall people kneeling, shorter people standing, or just figure someway to get everyone in.

4. Think About Getting an Assistant

 As I said, group pictures are really hard, sometimes you just need someone to help out. It’s very helpful, and saves time.

5. Have Fun!

It’s always a good thing to have fun, You do only live once after all (You also only die once… ‘:D Blimey Cow’). So pep up the party! Have a good time.

Here are some good links for learning about groups:


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