Why The Wolf Was Misunderstood (Random Unfinished)

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Chapter 1

It was just a normal day at Hollerstein, (The place the boy who cried wolf lived ever since he was born.) . The parents were watching their children, who were watching another child, who was watching Rodney, the town daredevil. “Oooh, look at Rodney! He’s up on the swing set, really high!!” said a girl in the crowd. “Don’t you be getting any ideas Charlene.” said the girl’s Mother, as she turned around, to talk to the ladies next to her.  ”Someone should tell his Mother! The nerve of some people! Letting their children actually climb, on a jungle gym! Maybe we should alert the authorities…” The small crowd of ladies was filled with a harmony of “Yes”s and nodding heads. “Yeah, somebody really should put a stop to that.” said one Mom as she sat down. The crowd got quiet as Rodney started walking along the top of the swing-set. “What are you staring at? Oh, this? Its easy really all you have to do is have an awesome sense of balance, oh, and I almost forgot, you also have to-” Rodney had not been minding where he was going, and looked to be falling off of the bar on the swingset. Everyone closed their eyes as Rodney fell. “-be awesome!” Said Rodney as he landed perfectly on his feet. The crowd gasped, and soon after the children started clapping and cheering. The adults, however, started telling their children not to.

Chapter 2

It was a sunny day in Hobensclot, when a young wolf walked into his den. “Ma? Hey Ma, I’m back!” he said. “Oh, hey hon.I’m just about to out to go invite the coyotes over for dinner. Would you like to go with you father to get some chickens?” said his mother. “Ok, I guess I will. Where is he?” “Oh hes just in the den.” (She ment den as in living room, not house. I see how that could confuse.) He walked in to meet his Dad. “Hey there Riley. You coming?” Said his Dad, Riley replied. “Oh, yeah.” The two started walking to the Bronson’s, (AKA the nearest chicken coop.).

“Shh! We’re getting close, you need to be quiet so we don’t wake them up.” Said Riley’s Dad. Riley simply nodded his head in agreement. The father and son had reached the chicken coop. “How many Dad?” Riley said as he picked up a basket. ”Lets see, um a..Mr Cyote and..so, yeah, 5 will do.” “OK.” The two started picking up chickens and looking them over, like one does at a produce aisle.  ”This on’ ‘ill do.” “How ’bout this Dad?” “Yeah, that’s a good one. Ok, we’ve got 5, lets go son. Oh, don’t forget to pay.” “I almost forgot.” Riley said as he put 5 eggs beside the coop. “Come on son, Mr. and Mrs. Cyote are prolly there already!” Father and son ran toward home.

Chapter 3

Rodney started walking home like he did every afternoon, past the library, and through the field. Rodney loved whistling, he whistled most of the day. He couldn’t resist whistling then. The field was green, and tall, it went at least to his waist, making it a struggle to get through. He tried many ways to walk, jumping, shuffling his feet, and the one that worked best was skipping, though, it looked ridiculous. He hoped nobody saw him doing this.

Riley The Wolf was walking back home with his Dad. “Let me see, this way…I think.” said Riley’s confused father. All though, Riley didn’t care about this, he was too busy thinking about how good those chickens would taste. “Aw man, that is gonna be awesome. I hope Ma marinades it. She is the best at that.” Riley got a thoughtful look on his face, “I hope that the Coyotes don’t eat it all. That would be horrible. They aren’t the most mannered people. I hope they don’t.” He was so deep in thought that he didn’t notice that he was getting farther, and farther away.

The Boy and Wolf got close to each other without anyone of them knowing. Until, Rodney turned a left toward Riley, and Riley turned a right toward Rodney. Not as an expression they bumped into each other.


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