Undecided (NaNo 2012)

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Whether here or there, today is today, no matter how you see it, it is there.
A smallish girl rode her bike into her driveway, she jumped off her bike not even bothering to park it. She skipped up the stairs, swung open the screen door in her way, and walked right in her home. “Mom! I’m hungry! Do we have food?!?” She yelled up the stairs. Her mom walked down the stairs to the girl’s level and said: “Well, yeah, we always have food, what are you talking about?” The girl replied: “I mean FOOD, food. You know, the good stuff.” “Oh, veggies?” “NO! I mean, no thanks, I want food.” The Mom walked down the other stairs leading to the basement, “Check the cabinet Joe!!” Joe (The girl who had just arrived.), Walked into the kitchen swung open the cabinet and grabbed a box of gram crackers, and a Dr. Pepper can. Joe slumped up the stairs leading to her bedroom, so that she coultd do homework. When reaching her room, Joe shut her door, leaving a small note stating: “I am busy doing school, leave me alone at all costs.”.
A short girl rode up to Joe’s house on her electric scooter. The girl knocked on their door, waited impatiently, then rang the doorbell a few times. Joe’s mom Laura opened the door. “Hi there Salina! How is it going?” “Ok- Where’s JOE?!?” “Um, in her room doing schoolwork, I don’t think she needs to have friends over right now, bye bye-“ Laura began to shut the door, but was stoped by a small pink sneaker, owner: Salina. Laura tried to get her way, but to no avail. “But Mrs. Willows!!! I have a very special relationship with Joe. I- she would hate for me not to see her like I promised!” Laura sighed and let her in. With a squeal of delight, Salina skipped in.
Joe in her room, opened her backpack, then folder and saw the large stack of homework to do. Joe looked at the remote sitting on her dresser beside her. She looked back at her homework, grabed her remote, and clicked on the TV. As Joe was popping a huge piece of Graham cracker into her mouth, she heard stomping, getting louder and louder. Joe quickly shoved the Cracker in her mouth, grabbed the remote, turned off the Television, pulled her folder out, and then grabbed a pencil sitting in her backpack. “JOOEE!?!” Salina burst into Joe’s room, not even bothering to knock. Joe put her hand to her face and quietly sighed: “Why did Mom let her in. Why?!? “ Salina jumped onto her bed saying “What ya’ doin’ Besty?” “Trying to do homework. Don’t you have any to do?” Joe replied as she started working on her homework. “Oh, I never do that stuff, you shouldn’t either, Oh Take me to the Ice Cream parlor, wont you?!? Come on, please take me!!” Salina kept pleading until Joe, wanting to get back to her TV program said aggravated: “ Ok, Ok, I’ll go, I’ll go! Just lea- actually, I’ll meet you over there in a half an hour! Good bye!” Joe then shoved her so called Best Friend out her bedroom door, slamming It behind her.
Just as Joe sat on her bed, and grabbed her remote, about to watch TV again, Laura knocked, then opened the door. “Oh no you don’t.” she said, “You have work to do.” She walked up then sat on Joe’s bed. She picked up Joe’s folder, looking in it she said “Let’s see, what do we have here? Ah, here we go. You need to write an essay/ story, which do you wanna do?” Joe was speechless. “Ok, a story. I love stories. Better hop to it.” Laura handed her daughter the folder. Joe looked at it, “But Mom, I’ve gotta go meet Salina at the Parlor.” “And watching TV helps you get ready how?” Laura said looking at Joe. “I was going to watch it while I got ready.” Joe said aggravated. “Anyway you put it, you still need to do homework today, or it’s never going to get done. There are only 3 days to finish it! I know you, you get an assignment, and don’t do it the first day, you just watch TV the other 2. ” Said Joe’s Mom. Joe flipped on the Television, “Mom, I’ll do it, I’ll do it, just let me do this for a little bit then I’ll write a story.” Laura began leaving, “Ok, but you have to promise you will do an extra long story if you don’t finish the story today.” “Ok, whatever you say.” Joe said not looking away from the TV. Joe then looks at a clock, on her bedside table, she then quickly turns off the TV and grabs her backpack. Joe runs down the stairs, and hops out the door yelling: “BYE MOM!!! I’ll get you a candy bar!!!”. When out side She jumps on her bike and rides down the street. Dodging pedestrians she arrives at the parlor. Salina runs up whining: “JOE?!?! Where were you?!? I’ve been waiting for hours!!! I need icecream!!” Joe rolls her eyes as she puts away her bike on a nearby curb. “20 minuets Salina, I’m early, don’t you have a watch??” Joe said. Salina bobs her head annoyingly as she rudely chews gum with her mouth open. “What do you want? Or are you going to pay for yourself finally?” Joe says as she and Salina open the door and walk in. “I’m getting something off the dollar minue because your constant wanting icecream, has run my piggybank dry. And yes, it would be polite to get a dollar cone.” Joe says. Salina ignores Joe and points at the most expincive Sunday. Joe shakes her head: “Noway you can get that! The only way is if I don’t get a cone.” Salina nods her head: “Yes, that would work. Um Icecream sir, man? I would like a triple fudge chocoholic super granday Sunday.” Said Salina as she walked up to the counter. Joe looked surprised as Salina finished. “ Oh, that will do nicely. And uhm, the girl behind me shall be paying for it.” The man asked “Will that be all?” joe began to speek “Actually I-“ but was then rudely cut off by her Best friend Salina, “Yes, that’s it. Thank you.” Joe completely flabbergasted by Salina’s behavour, begins again trying to tell the Ice cream man that she wanted a cone. But was again interrupted by Salina. Salina had a large Sunday in one hand and in the other she had Joes arm, and was yanking it across the room, until Joe started moving, and then held her arm and hand as she said loudly to her: “I was just trying to help you watch the old waist line, there sissy.” 3 ten year old boys over heard Salina and laughed. Joe’s face got completely red as she saw people trying to overcome the giggles by holding their hand to their mouth. Salina pulled Joe over to a small table as she licked off a run away icecream drop. “Yeah, I’ve noticed, it’s ok, I’ll keep it to myself.” Joe tried to hide her identity by covering her face by a minue. “Salina?” Joe yelled between her teeth. Salina kept going “But you know, you could start that exercising program my mom uses. Whats it called again? Oh yeah, Jump into health. My mom used it for years, and look at her now! A string bean.It works. You can barrow it any time you like.” The 3 ten year olds were laughing hysterically. Joe closed her eyes. “SALINA?!?!?” she yelled. The room started laughing loudly. Salina snickered. Joe clenched her fists and slumped out the door. Salina said as she got a huge scoop of icecream on her spoon. “She’ll come back. They always do.”.
Joe arrived home, parked her bike, and walked inside, and to her room. She ploped down on her bed and again tried to watch television. She grabbed the remote, and at that moment, her mom knocked, and opened the door. “Hey Joe, how was it?” Joe set down the remote, and sighed. “OK I guess.” Her mom walked in and sat beside her. “Well hows the story coming?” Joe looked surprised “What story?” “The one you were soposed to write…You know for school?” Joe put her hand to her face, “Oh yeah…about that…” laura shook her head. “You didn’t did you?” “Nope.” Joe bluntly responded. “Well, extra writing for you then. I want 10,000 words by Monday. Work on it over the weekend. And I would LOVE it if you continued on after Monday just for fun.” Joe grabbed her laptop, “I’m on it.” Her mom smiled and left Joe to work on her assignment. Joe opened up word, and looked at the blank page. Wondering what to write she called a girl from school up on her cell phone. As it dialed she tapped her fingers on the key bord, JI appeared on the screen. Joe didn’t notice. “Hello?” Said a small voice on the other end of her phone. “Oh, Hey Alexia, hows it going?” Joe replied smiling, Joe really liked this girl. She reminded her of what she thinks a good friend should be. “Hi, there, not much. Uh is there anything you wanted to talk about in specific?” said Alexia wondering about what was going on. “Oh, I’m just working on the assignment.” “Oh, THE assignment. As if that is the only one. I have stuff to do. I’ll come over tomarrow. OK?” “Oh alright. But I do kinda need you over today, if that’s alright….” “Really sorry Joe but today just won’t work for me.” “Oh, ok, well gotta go. Bye.” “Bye.” Joe hung up, put the phone down and looked at the computer screen. “J I? what does that mean?” She thought to herself. She pulled up a window got on to google, and typed in “JI”. Joe was surprised by how many responses there were. She scrolled down the list. Jornal Inquirer, Jaconiove Instice. All popped up Joe’s curiousity sprang for it, she clicked The button saying Jaconiove Instice, soon after a article appeared:

Jaconiove Instice is beleved by very few to be real. But what is Jaconiove Instice you ask? Discribed my Wikipedia.com: “Jaconiove Instice (or Jeaconiovian Instise) is a world different from ours, it is a fictional place, supposedly hanging off of a Black Hole.”

Joe was extremely interested. Her curiosity killed her want for a story. And made her interested in space, and black holes and such. Which wasn’t what she was going to do in the first place.
Joe researched through the night, long past 8:00, and 12:00, digging deeper into space. When the sun rose bringing morning light, at 8:00 AM Joe was fast asleep face planted in her keybord. Her mom was as chipper as can be finishing up a delishious Saturday breakfast. Singing and humming along the way up to Joes bed room with a great breakfast of: Cinnimon rolls, Bacon, Eggs, Pancakes, Omlet, and a tall glass of Orange juice. Joe snored in her bedroom as her mom knocked “Joe?” Her mom said as she made her way in. Joe just snored. Laura opened the door and gasped at the mess. “Joe? Why Is your room so messy? After breakfast I’d like you to tidy up a bit.” Joe jumped up and looked up at her mother. “What time is it?” Joe yawned and stretched her arms. Laura said “Come on sleepy kid. Lets get up. Your dad, Martin, and Arrow are back.” A confused Joe asked: “Where are Amy, Mia, and Rose? Plus where did Dad Martin and arrow go?” Laura laughed “Amy Mia and Rose are gone on a trip remember? Plus Dad Martin and Arrow were on a camping trip. Don’t you remember?” Joe made a confused face. “Well, I thought I did. But I guess not.” Joe stood up. “Mom, I don’t think I want Breakfast today, I think I want To sleep in, if that is OK with you.” “Oh yeah Hon, that’s fine. Well, I’m going to go eat.” Laura left the room as Joe fell back on her bed and went fast asleep. Laura went down to the ketchen table and said to her husband Ryan. “She’s still tired, poor girl.” Ryan made a face such as teenagers make called a “DuckFace” and continued eating a cinnamon roll. Laura smiled.
Just as Mrs Willows was putting away the things from lunch. She heard a knock at the door. Being the curious type, she went up to the door, and opened it. There was a girl about Joes age, she smiled and said: “Hey! How are you doing?” “Pretty good, and you?” Laura replied. “Not much, Joe asked if I could come help her with her story. If that’s ok with you.” Said the girl. Laura replied: “Oh, of course, she’s right up in her room. Thanks for asking.” The girl walked up the stairs to meet her friend.
Joe had just changed into her clothes and was messing around with her laptop. The girl who had just knocked on the door earlier knocked on the door, “Hello? Can I come in?” she asked politely. “Hey Alexia! Yeah come on in! I’m just tring to work on the story.” Alexia walked in and sat on the bed. “How is it going?” she asked. “You know, everyone has been asking that for some reason….anyway, I um, actually have really started it…I stayed up late researching….” “What kind of researching did you need to do to write a story? For me at least it is from my head, instead of the internet.” Alexia asked. “Oh you know, the useual stuff. Like um, the stuff….” “You were just messing around on the computer all night weren’t you?” “Well I guess so, yes… I guess I was.” Joe shamefully replied. “You’ve gotta work on it. I’ll leave you alone to your work. See ya.” Alexia said as she left. Joe waved, and then got on her laptop, determind to write.
Beginning to stray away from the task at hand, Joe writes out “Jaconiove Instice” at the top of the page. Remembering to stay on target Joe writes beneath it “A novel By Josephine R. Willows” And hher fingers start flying, “Nimon Kingson, was left alone in his room with his only friend in the world, Rodreges Selve, to await sertain doom.” Joe smiled, she loved how this story was coming. “But just as the two boys wondered about their life after doom, a little hole appeared on the floor. ‘whats this? A small hole? No, nevermind that, a medi- woah a large hole!’ said Nimon surprised as can be. Rodreges wasn’t much for talking, so he just went over and strait out stuck his fingers in the hole! ‘Rodney?!? Don’t touch it! Don’t you know what it could be? It could be a snake hol-‘ Nimon said not able to finsh for the hole grew larger. In fact, It opened enough for ‘Rodney’ to fit in side. Nimon was not at all thrilled by this, and thought for sure it was a trap. “Come on Nim! Its great!” Finally said a Rodreges who was inside. ‘what do you see down there rodney?’Nim nevously replied. ‘Oh it’s to great to discribe! You’ve gotta come down for a look!’ finally Nimon’s curiousity gave out. ‘Ok, ok, I’m coming in. look out.’ Said Nimon as he jumped into a hole. Nim gasped as his friend said ‘see didn’t I tell you?’ the surroundings were such as-“ Joe stoped writing for her dear mother came in. “Hey Mama!” said an extatic Joe. “Wow hon, sure sounds like you’re having a good time! Whats it about?” her dear mom replied. Soon was followed by the read aloud story. Laura Smiled, “Wow! That looks exciting! Keep going!!” Joe giggled as her mom sat down on the bed, Joe began writing again. The two had a great time.

The door rung fallowed by a hard knock, and another ringing. Mrs. Willows hopped off the bed as she said: “Sorry hon, sounds like your dear friend Salina Gomez has come to visit again.” The two laughed, as Laura ran down the stairs to open the door. “Hey Mrs. W!” said Salina in a loud voice. Laura replied “Hello Salina Gom-. Um, uh, I um supose you would like to see Joe.” “THHat is corrrecctt!” “well I’m sorry Sal, but she is quite busy now. Bye bye!” Laura said quickly and shut the door, before Salina could speak. Laura giggled and walked up the stairs to go tell Joe.Salina on the other hand was not having a good time. Having a door slamed in your face can make a person very angry. Such as that happened here. But she couldn’t sheme here she must find a better place to plot. Salina quickly ran across Joe’s yard to a vacant lot, with grass all over it , and rocks. The largest rock in the lot, located on the far right corner, next to the small patch of woods, was Salina’s destination. After a few bumps and bruses Sal made it to the rock, which turned out to be a cave. Salina wasn’t the kind of girl to be interested in a cave, but then again she wasn’t. This little trip to the cave was just for ploting, which was exactly what she wanted to do. Entering the cave wasn’t a hard task, but entering what she liked to call the “nook”, was another thing. The cave looked small from the outside but was quite large once you got into it. In order to get inside one had to crawl through a serise of tunnels, they weren’t big tubes, but just big enough for Salina. Finally with dirt in her hair, and a smirk on her face Salina made it in. Inside the ‘nook’were, a serise of furniture, salina sat down at a desk. (Don’t ask me where th furniture came from for I don’t know, I wasn’t there.) Grabing a pencil and paper, salina began, her sheme.

“How is it?” said Laura walking into Joe’s room. “Good. Who was at the door?” Laura just smiled and said, “No body you have to worry about. I sent her off.” Joe stoped writing and looked at her mom. “Salina wasn’t it?” Laura pulled up her shoulders and said, “Well, Yeah..” Joe smiled and highfived her mom. “Great job, there’s hope in you yet!” Everyone laughed. When the room got quiet again, and Joe started to type away again, laura said as she started to walk out the door, “Well, I guess I better get to cleaning the kitchen.” Joe was in the zone, therefore left it in scilence.
Just as Laura picked up a washcloth, the doorbell rung again. Sighing tierd Laura walked up to the door yet again. As she walked she hoped that it was NOT Salina coming back for revenge. She anticipated the jolt of excitement or the adriniline rushing, when she twisted the door knob, pulling open the door she waited to she Salina’s face smirking. “Hello Mrs. Willows. Can I go see Joe?” said a polite Alexia. Laura wiped a large drop of sweat away. “Hey Alexia! Boy am I glad to see you!”Confused Alexia stood on the porch awaiting permission to see her friend, while Laura was rambling on about why she was glad to see her, which is not needed to repeat to go on with the story. Finally Laura realized that Alexia was waiting and appoligized. “Sorry, I’m rambling, aren’t I… Yes honey, of course you can go see Joe.” A small ‘Thank you’ spoken By Alexia, and the two were splited, Alexia, or Alex went up stairs to Joe’s room, and Laura went to the ketchen again to clean up from breakfast, or at least try to.

Once reaching Joes door Alexia knocked, fallowed by permission to come in by Joe. After having permission, Alexia walked in. Joe’s room was a absolute mess, Soda cans on the ground, and pizza grease on everywhere near the laptop. Joe herself was a greasy haired smelly mess. Alexia tried not to step on the dirty laundry. “um, Joe? Is that you?” Alexia asked as if she didn’t know. “Alex, really? That’s not a funny joke….I’ve been writing all day every day, and I don’t think I can do it anymore. I need encouragement! Hit me with it!” Alexia threw a candy bar at her friend. “That there is your encouragement.” Alexia walked over and sat down. Joe grabed the snikers bar off her lap. “How is this going to help?” she asked. Alexia looked at her, pulled out of her pocket a small bottle, she then handed it over to Joe. Joe grabbed it. “Energy Drink? Really? I cant drink this! Who do you think I am?” Joe said as she set them down on the floor beside her bed. “I’ll be bouncing across the walls!” Joe added. Alexia shook her head. “That’s my point. You need exercize! Bouncing off the walls is very labor intensive!” as the two kept bickering, a little hole appeared on the floor. Alexia glanced at the hole over looked it, and saw it again. She said . “whats this? A small hole? No, nevermind that, a medi- woah a large hole!” Joe looked Alexia. “Have you been reading my novel?” Joe hadden’t seen the hole until she finished talking. Joe finally saw it. But she wasn’t much for talking, so she just went over and strait out stuck her fingers in the hole! ‘Joe?!? Don’t touch it! Don’t you know what it could be? It could be a snake hol-‘ Alexia said not able to finsh for the hole grew larger. In fact, It opened enough for Joe to fit in side. Alexia was not at all thrilled by this, and thought for sure it was not a good sign. “Come on Alex! Its great!” Finally said a Joe who was inside. ‘what do you see down there Joe?’Alex nevously replied. ‘Oh it’s to great to discribe! You’ve gotta come down for a look!’ finally Alex’s curiousity gave out. Alex carefully jumped into the now large hole that had conveiniantly stoped growing. Alexia gasped. It was a beautiful eden, filled with fruit tree’s and flowers.Plus any kind of pretty animal you could think of. Peacocks, Swans, Horses even a few mixed up animals that could turn out to be hard to discribe. Joe thought of something that might be a good idea to bring, she climbed one of the conveiniantly placed fruit trees, and climbed into her room. In her room she found a small backpack, filled with nessesties to an awesome trip. She didn’t exactly know what was in there be there had to be some thing of use. Joe put on that backpack, and jumped in the hole. When she made it in, she found Alexia to be in a bit of a jam. Wild horses had cornered her. Joe watched the horses actions for a little bit, then just as Alexia was at her worst, Joe climbed yet another conveinantly placed tree and jumped on a horse’s back, soon after this Joe realized this was not a bright idea. The horse did not like a small girl to be ordering him around, so, he bucked, which was followed by running off. This completely threw Joe off the horse. Alexia walked up to Joe, “You okay?” she said holding out a hand. Joe grunted “I feel like a got ran over by a bus. Other than that, I’m awesome.”. Alex shook her head and rolled her eyes as she picked up her friend. Joe yelled in pain as Alexia tried to pull her up. “Alex! Alex! Hey, hey stop it! Stop it!” Alexia set her down gentley, afterwards kneeled down next to her. “Joe? Are you okay?” she said as she got a face of worry. “Well, it actually kinda feels like someone is stabbing me in the back!” Said Joe. “What did I do” What made you feel like I turned on you?!?” Alexia got frusterated. Joe closed her eyes and layed down her head. “Alex, I ment letirally- oh nevermind! I need medical attention!” Alex had a confused look on her face, “How am I supposed to get you there? Joe, we’re in a different world, number one, number two, I can’t carry you through that hole, what am I supposed to do?!?” Joe was uncontious before she could answer. Alexia realized this, and quickly, but carefully drug her under a shady fruit tree. Alex grabbed Joe’s bag, rummaged through it, and found nothing medical, other than a small band aid. Alexia not knowing what to do I this instanse put the band aid on Joes back. Alexia had to do something quickly, she must find help. She left joe under the tree and went running across the grassy field to find help. She kept running and running, until it hit her, a glass door. Alex slaped against the door and was peeled backwards onto the grassy ground. Alexia shook her head and opened the door. It was a store, a mall. Alex turned around to see where she was, and the place she was last, wasn’t some unfound eden, it was an entertainment center. Alex looked around for someone but there was nobody in sight, she ran to the nearest exit. Finally she found someone, it was a guard, with a mustach oddly enough. “Mr.! I need some help- or rather, my friend does! Follow me quickly ! The guard ran with her, the two finally reached the entertainment area.Alexia looked around for an enter way. After some looking Alex finally found it, or I guess it was a different one, this one was right next to joe. Thinking how confeineant this was, the guard and alex ran in side the open doors. “Joe!! Joe!! Wake up!!” She yelled as she shook awake her friend. “I got help! See?!? We’re gonna take you to a hospital.” Joe opened up her eyes, and looked around. “Where am I?” she thought. As the guard walked up to help her, she wondered “Who can that be? Looks like a- a guard?” Alexia came up beside her giving encouraging words. Joe did not understand them. Instead joe wondered who Alexia was. Joe nodded off again. Alexia got quite worryed as anyone would be. Alexia asked the guard: “Do you have a cell phone?” The guard shook his head. Alexia thought. “Well, we could either go back to joe’s room, then a friendly hospital that we have gone to before, or we could let this stranger pick Joe up and take her to a strange hospital that we’ve never been before. I don’t see how we’re going to do anything but the latter, for getting her up the hole would be both painful and hard.” Alexia finally spoke. “well, do you have any hospitals?” she asked the guard. The guard nodded. Alexia noticed that her hadn’t said any thing this whole time. Conserned for her friends health Alex said strongly. “Well, lets take her to it.” Alexia found alarge piece of bark from a very large oak tree. “This could be a stretcher.” She said as she put the wood on the ground. Come on lets pick her up and put her on the bark. The guard lifted Joe’s feet, and Alexia lifted her torso by Joe’s sholders. The two gently let her down. Then lifted her up with the bark underneath her. Very soon the Guard, Joe (on the strecher) and Alexia were outside. “Where is it, the hospital, I mean.” Said Alexia. The guard pointed with his right hand. Alexia was still puzzled by his not talking. So much that she asked. “Can’t you speek?” the guard just ignored her. Alex got dubious about having him carry her friend.

Back at Joe’s home. Laura had just finished cleaning up after breakfast, and decided to make a sandwich. She got out Whole wheat bread, Mayo, Lettuce, Cheddar Cheese, and Mesquite Turkey lunch meat. She cut open the wheat bread loaf, and grabbed a butter knife. She set down the knife, and un skrewed the Mayo lid. Picked up the butter knife again, and scraped it inside the Mayo tub, while pulling out the knife she noticed that there was a large blob of mayo on it. Laura smiled, and slaped it on the bread. She spreaded it, and set the knife down again. She grabbed the lettuce bag, and pulled out a hand full of nicely sized salad pieces. She then started putting down the pieces in a nice row, in just the perfect way to cover the whole inside of the bread. Now she grabbed the lunch meat, pulled out 3 pieces and put them on the loaf as to cover the lettuce. Then she pulled 2 pieces of chese out of the package, and stuck them side by side on her almost finished sandwich. After everything was in place, Laura closed the sandwich like a book, and set it on her plate right side up. Grabbed her butter knife, and cut it in 2. Then she pulled out a jug of two percent milk, and poured it in her glass. She then put all of the ingreadiants away and sat down at the ketchen table to enjoy it all, but her enjoyment was short lived for she got a knock at the door. Laura sighed and stood up. To go answer the door. She opened the door and to her surprise it was none other than Salina. Salina looked a little to peppy this time, she had an almost disturbingly large smile spreading across her face. “Can I see JOE?!?” The young girl asked with her teeth clinched tight. Laura had a look of horor as Salina shoved in Laura’s house, before she could say a thing. “Hello Salina, how are you, Um doing? I think…” Laura asked wonderingly. Salina didn’t reply to that question., she just stood there awkwardly happy. Laura finally spoke up after a few moments of scilence. “Um, so uh cool. Yeah will I think Joe is busy. So, uhm. BYE!” She ended quickly and then shut the door. Hoping little salina and her woulden’t have to do the whole big fight again. After a few moments of quiet, mrs. Willows locked the door and looked out, expecting to see salina stomping off in a big fit she instead saw a young Salina with a gallon of gas and a pack of matches. This is very frightening for a mother who had finally completely payed off the house a week ago. So she did what any self respecting woman would do in this instance. She gasped, fidgeted around with the lock on the door, and finally swung open the door after many moments of wanting to. Yet another gasp was let out from her mouth. Salina, was gone. But as clear as day were a pack of matches sitting on top of her porch railing, plus there was a small puddle of gasoline on the concrete. Laura sighed. “Thank goodness. That girl is really starting to tick me off.” Laura walked back inside, shutting and locking the door behind her. After locking the door, Laura almost looked through the peek hole, but just walked away thinking she was going crazy for taking these procautions. I know this for sure. she was NOT going crazy.

Back with Joe, and Alexia.


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