Obnoxiously Mellow (NaNo 2013)

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I HAVE BEAT MY WORD-COUNT GOAL!! 10,000 words are now written. (Now I just have to finish and edit…)

(This spot is mostly empty. Reason being, I am in the process of writing this book. If you are interested in reading all of it, please come back in December, and I should have it all up. But I will be posting as I write it, so come back every day to see the next chapter.)

Note: None of the books have been edited, so don’t judge! 😉

Chapter 1

It was a gloomy morning. So gloomy that you couldn’t see past your hand. Well, I guess that what I’m trying to say is that it was foggy, very foggy. So yes, most people were taken over by the sheer fogginess—again, what I was trying to say was not what I said. I mean is most people were taken aback by how very foggy it was, it was not in any way sheer, or see-through.

Anyway, it was a normal Friday morning, and Mr. Melvan hasn’t even woken up. His circular circle alarm clock hasn’t even gone off yet. His lovely purple apartment, was there reflecting the first crack of sunlight, on his snoring face.

*CARINGA CARINGA* Oh, there it was.

Melvan then proceeded to smack his alarm clock until it wouldn’t be able to be put together again, let alone ring. He groaned. Melvan shoved his arms in his mattress at such an angle that would enable himself to lift his head.

Melvan rarely spoke a word before lunch, unless of course, he had to. Today just happened to be his lucky day, his cell phone started ringing. “Melvan, I want you to come over really fast.” Melvan knew when Sylvia needed him she would call, such as this instance. “Okay, I’ll be there soon…first I need to wake up.” Melvan hung up, sat still and silent for a couple minutes. He sat with a blank face on his bed, staring to heaven, as if to ask “Why? This is way too early.”. He sighed, and ‘army-crawl’-ed over to the side of the bed. A split second after arriving to the edge, Melvan tipped, regained balance, and again, tipped, not regaining balance he fell over the bed, on the harsh cold ground.

Just as every morning, he took his pills, brushed his teeth, the whole thing.

Melvan finally got into his car, and drove, awaiting his destination. (That sounds like he has a car crash, and dies, but I assure you, he lives for now.)

Sylvia runs out with her limbs flopping around, as she sobs in anguish. “MEL, Melsie!” She cries, uncontrollably using her thick Bronx accent, as always she does. Melvan rolls his eyes, sighs and shuts the car door behind himself.

“What is it hon?” A very tired and somewhat annoyed Melvan answers. Sylvia flings herself next to Melvan. “Melsie-“ She starts. Melvan who is getting very annoyed at this conversation, cuts in “What is it?!?”. “Honey Bunny, I lost my favorite necklace. You know, that one that I gave myself for our 2 month anniversary?”. Melvan gives a large and well-needed face-palm, “Really? Is that it?”.

Sylvia looked at Melvan very condescendingly, “ ‘is that all?’ Really toots, I was never told that I’d a have to file a report, an make a complaint. All I’m a worried about is where my necklace is! I’ll call you when I have a ‘good reason’ to.”. With a stomp, growl of discontent, and a slam of the door, Sylvia, was indoors her own house, most certainly sulking.

Melvan sighed, “I’m too tired to deal with this.”. He shook his head in annoyance, and fled to the safety of his car, and the shield from conflict which he calls, ‘work’.

A Little Later:

Melvan sitting at his desk, stares blankly at the nearest wall. Why is he still doing this? Most certainly, it is from lack of sleep.

Unexpectedly, a large stack of paper slaps down on his desk, in front of him. Melvan hears a voice from above. “See this? What do you make of it?” Melvan smiles, “Origami?”. “That would be ten times better than what it is, but-no.”. Without looking at the paper, Melvan separates his gaze from the wall, and at his colleague, ‘Jeff’. “What is it?” Melvan says, looking at his friend. Jeff points at the newspaper, “See? There has been another murder, brought to you by our mysterious Mobster. The Chief wants you to do a story on it.”

Melvan looks down to see the details of the deceased. “Aw, it was Cookie Cody. No wonder I don’t have a cookie in my hand right now.” Jeff shoved a finger to his lips “SHH!! Don’t talk bad about the deceased!”. “What are you talking about? I was just noticing the lack of chocolate confection in my hand. Besides, I couldn’t talk bad about him if I had a cookie in my mouth!”, “I’m going to pretend you just stopped talking, without that spiteful remark smelling up the air.”, “I bet that Cody is getting pretty smelly…” said Melvan quietly. “Shut your mouth, fool!” Said Jeff as he took a swing at Melvan’s laughing head, and walked off, to avoid further embarrassment.

A While Later:

Melvan struggles getting the key into the hole. He finally swings open the door. “Oh, maybe it wasn’t locked…” he practically throws his backpack across the room, and simultaneously launched himself on the bed. Melvan produces another sigh of relief, and remains motionless for a few precious moments. Just as he felt at his best, for the entire day, he hears one of the worst sounds… A gun cocking. Melvan shoots open his eyes, and leaps to his feet.

A sinister voice emerges from the shadows, “Hold it! Sucker.”.

Melvan rarely resorts to such a low level, but this time had to be a bit of an exception…Melvan screamed as loud, and as high pitched as could be fathomable for such a small man.

The Shadowy figure exits the darkness, meanwhile squinting, and cocking his head.

Melvan gets a surprised look on his face, “Do bad-guys get cricks in their necks too? Or are you constipated?”

Melvan and The Shadowy figure exchange confused, awkward, and surprised looks on their faces.

Chapter 2

The next morning, the fog had somewhat cleared, and our character was yet again sleeping his life away. In his red, trashed sky high, room Melvan snored, simply awaiting the abrupt eviction of sleep.

*RING RING RING* Much like the sound of a phone, Melvan’s old black alarm clock was kind enough to wake the entire street up.

Melvan jolted awake, and sat up. Just as soon as he sat up he pulled out his handgun, of which was conveniently placed in his back pocket.

*PEW PEW PEW* 3 bullets exited the barrels, flying toward the defenseless alarm clock.

Melvan got out of bed with a deep chuckle. He headed toward the bathroom where he would do his usual stuff. Brush his teeth, take his medicine, and change. As Melvan left the bathroom he yelled out: “Mildred!! Get over here!!”. A small redhead ran up next to Melvan. “Are you okay Sir? I heard gunshots.” “What gunsh- Oh, those. Those were just to take care of the alarm-clock. It was getting old anyway. Speaking of alarm-clocks, can you get me a new one?” “I’m on it.” Said Mildred as she started to run out of the room. “Hey, wait. Where’s my coffee?” He said as he sat down. “Oh sorry Sir.” Mildred whimpered as she walked out to get his breakfast. In a moment she walked back with her hands full. “Here you go, Sir. Just how you like it.”. She sat the tray down on a bedside table. Melvan noticed a newspaper placed nicely on the tray under the food. He walked over and grabbed it. The headline read: ‘Another Killed by The Mob’.

“Hey Millie, I made the front page again! Look whose mister popular!” He yelled chuckling.

Melvan continued to read,

‘A Mr. Cody McOwen was murdered on Friday. Detectives are baffled as to whom, this mysterious killer is. An amateur detective is already on the case, and hot on the trail. After 2 civilians were murdered in this month alone. Authorities request everyone to stay indoors after 8PM, and lock their doors. If in emergency, contact local authorities. If you have any information, please contact local authorities.’

“Whoever this l writer is, he sure is a Suck Up. I hate suck ups, don’t I Millie?” Melvan yelled across the house.

Gaining no answer was not for Melvan. As he got up he yelled “Millie? What did I say about ignoring?” Melvan circled the room, and walked out of his home. “MILLY!” As he wondered into his car, he mumbled furiously. Melvan’s mood was struck. That was it for that day. All of heck is breaking loose now. He slammed the car door shut. “Darn women.” He shoved the gears into drive, slammed the gas, and slumped over in his seat. He practically punched the radio until it switched on. ‘Unnamed amateur detective is missing, if anyone has information on his whereabouts contact the local authorities, immediately.’ Melvan smirked, “Wonder if my boys got them yet.” Melvan punched the radio again, and flipped out his phone. “Hey, Bobby-boy, did you get that pesky little nuisance yet?” He asked with a smile on his face. His smile started to fade into a grimace. “So, if you don’t have them then, we got competition. You got to find them at ALL COSTS!!” He screamed into the phone, and forcefully slammed the phone down, thus hanging up. “I’ve got to do everything today!!” He lodged his foot into the accelerator.

Just as he was pulling into a turn at high-speed, without using the correct blinkers, or any blinkers at all, he smashed into a small red convertible. A small lady, in a small red dress, and high heels stepped out of the convertible. She walked over to his car. “Mel?!? What the heck are you doing?!? First you ditched me at my own house and now you run into my one, and only form of transportation?!?”. Melvan stuttered, “H-how do you know my name? What are you talking about? I’ve never seen you in my life!” Sylvia stomps her foot in frustration, “Arhg!! Now you’re just playing dumb! Get ready for the longest ‘silent treatment’ in you miserable life!”.  Sylvia put a large, ugly sour face on, and stomped off, into her half useable car. She slammed into reverse, and stomped the gas, trying to let loose a little of that anger, and to release the interlocked bumpers. With a scream of annoyance, she finally got loose, and sped off.

Melvan was very confused. So confused that all he could do for 30 seconds was sit and try to remember if and when he had seen ‘that woman’. After the he realized he was in the middle of the intersection, he shook his head, and drove off.

He made it to ‘work’ without another hitch. Of course ‘work’ was placed in an abandoned warehouse in downtown. He parked, and walked up to the side of the warehouse, he knocked on the exposed sheet metal. *tchom, tchom* The metal echoed the sound from the knocks. A small peep hole opened at eye-level. Melvan saw a small brown eye looking through at him. I split second passed, a large steel door swung open. The owner of the brown eye spoke. “Er, sorry Boss. I didn’t know it was you. Come on in.” . Melvan rolled his eyes and sighed. “Of course, on a day like today, everything can go however is worst. I’ve been through the ringer today.”. With another sheepish apology from our dear door guard, Melvan strolled in.

There was a large section of tables, and about 10 men slumped over on one of the largest tables, on which was a large map, with pins and flags.

There was a short shuffle of feet, when everyone realized the ‘Boss’ was present. Everyone stood straight, and watched Melvan as he crossed the room, and sat down at one of the head chairs, at the table. “What you staring at?” Melvan yelled across the table. At the mention of displeasure, everyone in the room, (excepting Melvan, of course) looked away, and started staring at their feet. With a couple apologies, scattered across the room, Melvan shook his head in disbelief.

“Sorry Boss, we are just a little scatter-brained after last night…” Said one of the Hench men, barely looking up from the ground, to see Melvan’s reply.

“Last night? What happened last night?” Said a confused Melvan. Again, everyone looked up from the ground, to look at Melvan. “You don’t remember? It was only last night.” Melvan shrugged, “I don’t know, I just can’t remember.”

Chapter 3                                                                  

It was another day, in Melvan’s purple apartment. Melvan had just had lunch, and was ready to go. He noticed a message was left on his phone, just before he started to leave. ‘3 unread messages’ He read, and pressed the button to read them.

‘1st unread message: Hey Mels, I’m regretting what we did yesterday. Let’s go for lunch to talk. -Sylvia’

Melvan shook his head; he had a confused look on his face as he tried to figure out what they did yesterday. He then sarcastically concluded “And I’d have to already eaten lunch.”.

He texted back: “Sorry hon, I already ate lunch.” Moments later, Sylvia texted back: “Sure. Your excuses are driving me crazy!”. Melvan had no idea what he needed to do, so he just left it alone. He stuck his phone in his pocket and walked out the door, remembering good and well, to lock it.

When Melvan arrived to the office, he was bombarded with people requesting meetings, many emails, and a couple articles. As Melvan swam through the people surrounding his desk (and cubicle), he noticed one familiar face. “Jeff, you let them in?!?” He had to yell, from all of the reporters asking questions, and trying to set dates. Melvan finally pulled Jeff aside.

“Start talking.” Melvan said with a very annoyed face. Jeff squinted his eyes, and his shoulders rose, “Well…” He started, and then paused reason being he was cut-off. “You did, didn’t you?” Cut in Melvan, looking straight into Jeff’s eyes. Jeff nodded, pitifully. Melvan rolled his eyes and looked at the ceiling, with his hand over his face. Melvan looked down at Jeff again “W-Why??”. Jeff looked up, eyes almost closed, and a faux smile gapping through his raised lip. “Well…You see, I-erm, I was offered a certain amount of currency, by a person who may, or may not be- that guy” Jeff said as he pointed to a nearby man. Melvan raised his hands in amazement. “Really J., really? You fell for the oldest trick in the bribing book.”. Jeff meekly apologized.

Melvan yelled out to the crowd of people anxiously waiting around his cubicle. “Everyone! Hold up your credentials! If you don’t have any, please leave in the nearest exit!!” Many papers raised to the air, each holder trying to be more visible than the person in front of him.

Melvan walked through the crowd examined a sample of the paper, and to most people, he signaled to leave. Until 5 people were left. Melvan looked at a paper from a small red head. He gazed from the paper to view the smiley lady. “Hello Mildred.” He said with a smile. He signaled for the others to leave, as he stepped into his cubicle, and seated himself atop his most favored ‘spinny chair’. “Come into my office” he said with a fake serious face complete with a deep voice. She chuckled and sat at the nearest seat to herself.

“Begin.” Melvan said as he nodded and gestured with his hand. Mildred smiled and said, “Well, you know, I’m not really a ‘top reporter’—I’m really a librarian…and I don’t really work, for any newspaper, nor a magazine…” Melvan smiled “You little rebel, I like you. But only because I like you, I will let you begin your- thing.”. Mildred replied: “I am eternally grateful..and I’m really sorry about leaving yesterday…there was an emergency at home.”. Melvan squinted his eyes and nodded “Okay, sure. Whatever you say. Just begin the questions.”

I’d rather not go through all of the boring questions with you again…so I will summarize it into a simple little gift-box for your reading pleasure.

Let us go back to where we left our hero in the last couple chapters.

Melvan and The Shadowy figure exchange confused, awkward, and surprised looks on their faces.

Mr. Shadow walked up closer to Melvan. “B-Boss? Why are you here?” He asked. Melvan looked around the room for lack of an answer. “I don’t really know you, and well, this is my house…” He spoke confusedly. The intruder nodded and quietly said: “Well, I guess you could have another house. We did have that big heist the other day, you know, with that dude Cody?”.  Melvan shook his head “Erm- Nope, this is my only house. And I would appreciate it if you would leave…”. Both of them exchanged awkward glances, until the intruder spoke “Oh, um, okay, sorry about this Boss…” he walked out of the house, and shut the door behind him.

:End Gift-Wrapped Synopsis:

Later Melvan arrives home. When he gets out of his car he gets the mail. He is flipping through it and noticed a letter from his work. Expecting some extra assignment, he anxiously rips open the letter. It read: “Dear Mr. Slade,

It has been apparent to the staff and your colleagues that you are excelling, and we would like to                                                     reward you for that. Here is a small token of our appreciation.  $1,000 enclosed.

Melvan has been awaiting a bonus for a long while, and finally he got one.

He ran inside. And immediately jumped on his bed, and grabbed his laptop. He searched on Ebay: Well Running Motorcycle.

After about 30 minutes of bidding, he got bright red bike for $800.00. He smiled, realizing he had done one of his life goals, ‘get a motorcycle’. He jumped up and down in his seat, he continued to jump when he was driving to bring the motorcycle home. He paid the money, and was off. He came home and got out his bike. At this point he was making squeals of joy, he continued until he got suited up, and on his bike.

Chapter 4

Melvan had just arrived to work in his lovely, old abandoned warehouse. Just like the last few times he knocked on the wall, and was immediately admitted. Just like before, everyone was huddled around the ‘planning table’ that was conveniently placed in the middle of the room—or should I say, warehouse. “Hey, Boys.” He said as he walked over to the table. A scattered few answered, with a polite greeting. On the table were what looked like Monopoly pieces, scattered on a big piece of parchment. The apparent ‘second in command’ gave Melvan the run down.

“See this guy here? He is our target, in this case, Mr. Lewis. Now, we’ll have two guys placed here, and here. Okay? Then we’ll just go out there and show him what happens if you forget to pay up.”. Another man around the table ran his thumb across his neck, while making ripping noise with his mouth. The room started chuckling.

Melvan chuckled, “Okay then, let’s break and get him.”. Everyone scattered, and went to each their own vehicle.

When everyone arrived, Melvan checked everyone was in their right spot, and went in the bar. He walked up to the counter, “I’m looking for a Gerald Lewis?” He said to the blonde waitress behind the counter.

She paused her washing to look up, and point at the man sitting alone at a table. Melvan smiled and winked, “Thanks Sweets.” he said as he walked off. The blonde shook her head and went back to washing, and fixing orders.

Melvan sat down next to the figure. Melvan chuckled and heartily patted the man on the back. “How’s it going Buddy?” Said Melvan. Mr. Lewis doubled over and scooted as far away as he could, he didn’t say a word. “What’s a fellow like you doing in a bar? You got troubles? You know there is only one way to fix all of that, I you can help me, to help yourself. See?” Said Melvan as he scooted closer to Mr. Lewis, and outstretched his hand, exposing his palm. “You don’t have anything on you? That’s fine, that’s fine, how about you follow me around back and we’ll make a deal. Okay?” Melvan said as he grabbed Mr. Lewis’ arm and walked him out to the alley. Mr. Lewis was not happy with this, but knew nothing better to do so he followed. When they got to the door, Melvan shoved him out, and locked the door.

He put a small business card down, blew kisses to the blonde waitress, and put on his black fedora. As many gunshots fired, Melvan exited the building into his car, chuckled and drove off.

When everyone arrived to the warehouse, Melvan started a hot pitcher of coffee. “This is going to be a while.” He said as he sat down to a big stack of papers. “I need a witness. Anybody up for it?” He said as he noticed everyone shake their heads and leave the building. “You guys are a huge help!!” He yelled across the room.

Melvan shook his head and put on his reading glasses. He muttered to himself as he signed various papers and shoved them in an envelope.

When all of the papers had been dealt with accordingly he took the 2 manila envelopes and handed them off to one of his nearby men. “Here is the information for the assignment, can you take this to Mr. F?” He said as he pulled one of the two envelopes out and handed it to him. The Worker nodded and took the envelope.

Melvan took the other envelope and put it in a large filing cabinet.

Melvan was finally finished, “Now, I will sleep.” He said to himself and walked off, heading toward his handsome red house.

Chapter 5

It was a cloudy day, and Melvan had just left his purple apartment, and was headed to the Newspaper building. He parked his car in the car garage and headed up to the front door. “Hey fellow.” Said a raspy beggar on the side of the sidewalk waiting for a car to pass by. Melvan looked mysteriously at the man. “Erm, hi?” He said questioningly. The Beggar smiled and shoved his small can at Melvan. “Spare some change?” He asked impatiently. Melvan stuck his hands in his pockets, while he was looking his backpack, he never noticed The Beggar whistling. Melvan started: “Well, I’m sorry fellow, but I don’t hav-“  Just as Melvan looked up from the backpack, he was bombarded with large men in black suits, and was soon shoved into a large black van, with bars on the window. The van sped away. A little red-head looked up from her newspaper and glanced at the van. Slowly, she arose and walked in the same direction.

In the van Melvan shuffled around, he was unable to see anyone, since he was indeed, blindfolded, and had a gag on. Although no one could see it, underneath all of that fabric was a very annoyed man who sighed and rolled his eyes. If anyone could hear him he said “Of course this would happen on a Friday. Just my luck.”. When he was done with that sentence, as if on the plan the van hit a very large, and hearty bump. Melvan made a small somewhat half hearted apology. He sniffed, “What is this?” he said in a very high, squeaky voice. “The least you could do is clean the gag. Whoever else you kidnapped must’ve been a stinker.”. Melvan saw a faint light through the fabric. He heard the door open. He felt two large hands grab his shoulders, and throw them. Melvan got a large dose of cold hard reality, it was his old foe, the ground. Melvan moaned “Seriously guys? How hard would it be to set me down?”. He felt wheels roll underneath himself. Soon the wheels stopped, and the same large men grabbed him and threw him yet again.

A tired Melvan expecting a large dose of unpleasantness, when he hit the ground. Instead Melvan felt the comfort of a sofa. Melvan released a big sigh of relief. Soon he felt hands peeling off the fabric around his head, he saw a light grow brighter until he could clearly see his surroundings. It was a small room, with a floor lamp, and obviously a couch. It took him a while to notice the bars where windows should be, or maybe the steel door, without a handle on the inside. He was just excited for some comfort, he didn’t care how long, he loved it while it lasted.

Melvan heard a loud shuffle outside the door. The door has various clinking sounds echo off of it, until finally the large door swung open. Revealed a small older lady, carrying a tray.

Melvan smiled, “Is it dinner already?”. The lady was silent. Nothing registered on her face. She set the tray down on a cushion next to Melvan. The lady walked out and locked the door.

When Melvan saw that she was gone, he picked up the tray. On the tray was a small envelope with a red seal on it. He gave a meek little ‘thank you’, before he opened the envelope. He examined the seal, it was a wax seal, that had been stamped on there, like the old days. The print on the seal was a rough sketch of a phoenix . The envelope material was not like you could buy at a dollar store, the paper on this was pretty thick, and it looked like it was folded by hand.

Melvan finally opened it and pulled out the contents, to view them. There was a letter, and some other grainy substance in the bottom. The letter read in beautiful calligraphy: “Hello Friend! So sorry that you had to come all of the way up here, but I had business  to take care of. But now, since it is all taken care of, you may leave. Sincerely, Your Friend, Mr. F.”.

On the back of the page Melvan noticed a large black spot. He set the letter down on the tray, and poured some of the grainy substance in his cupped hand. He lifted it up to his face to smell, and then brought his face even closer to examine the grains.

The smell was tangy, and sour, but the grain was also dried out, and a little brittle. He had figured it was a seed by that point.

Melvan shook his head and dumped the seeds out onto the tray. Then he realized what had been staring him in the face for a long time. Five orange pips, a black spot.

What had been facing him for all of this time, was death.

Outside of the room, a small knock rung out on the door. Melvan rolled his eyes and said: “Well, I can’t exactly help you in if I can’t even get out!

A small whisper went in the door: “I’ll get you out Melvan. Just you wait. I’ll get you out.”. Melvan then heard small footsteps echo away.

“That was weird.” Melvan said as he sat back down on his bed. He continued “But you know, my life is pretty weird, so that wasn’t really that strange.”. He shrugged and licked his lips. “I wish I had a hamburger right now…HEY! KIDDNAPPER!!! I am hungry!!! Hello?!?” Melvan walked up to the door and kicked it. After releasing the full weight of his body and then some, the door made hardly a noise, and was mostly reacting as a wall would. Melvan grasped his now deformed foot, and tightened his whole face as he doubled over clenching his fist on his wounded foot. He remained in the fetal position for a few moments more until he released a large sigh and laid his entire body across the couch. Melvan whimpered as he looked at his foot. In a very quite voice somewhat resembling a cat’s, he groaned “Oww.”.

Melvan heard a small clink on the steel door, then he heard a bolt moving. Melvan jumped up very fast, to a short stop sitting straight up waiting patently. “Is it Dinner?!?” Said Melvan with a large teethy grin, meanwhile clapping his hands together as he practically vibrated the entire couch. The same old lady walked in with a tray. Much to Melvan’s dismay, there was no food on the tray, not a crumb, not a morsel, nothing but another small envelope. Melvan sighed, as the lady set the tray down on the couch, and left the room. Without looking Melvan grabbed the envelope and started opening it. He yanked out a letter. His once annoyed look turned to one of excitement as he yelled joyously: “Come meet me for dinner. The elder woman will lead you. Sincerely, Your Friend, Mr. F.”. Melvan leaped out of the couch, sprung over to the door, knocked, and then used the same fist to pump down, all in one swift movement. The Lady walked in and opened the door wider, and motioned to Melvan. As he walked by he bowed and motioned with his hands, “Ladies first.” He grinned. The woman scowled and shoved him out of the room. He tripped, and regained his composer and frowned severely at the woman, “That, My Lady, was completely unnecessary.”. She said nothing and again pushed Melvan so as to keep up the pase.

The insides of the building were not as would be expected having a prison and all. It was very professionally furnished, most of the walls consisted of a dark red, as well did most of the funiture. When they passed the corridor in to a large meeting place, Melvan noticed the dinner table was very well put out, and looked to be professionally done, much like all of the other things in the building.

Chapter 6

Melvan awoke. He was in a place he had never seen, it was a large room, with a concrete floor, and a couch.  Melvan had no idea where he was, his only idea was that the police had finally caught up with him. He growled in annoyance, “Now I’ll have to wait a whole other week, for my boys to get me!”.

He launched his head at the cushions on his couch, and stomped his feet down on the ground. After his right foot plummeted, he felt a sharp pain. He picked up his now throbbing foot to check the damage. He stripped the shoe and sock, to find a large hot, red, and pulsating foot. He thought that whoever put him in here must have beat him up a good bit, before doing so. He carefully put his sock and shoe back on. Melvan waddled back over to the door, using his one good foot. He scanned his surroundings, there wasn’t much. There was a large steel door, without a handle. Melvan of course, could not see the other side of the door, so when it suddenly opened he had no time to react. The door swung open flattening Melvan’s foot yet again, and sent Melvan rolling on the floor in a fit of pain. A little red head walked in. “Oh my gosh!” she said as she noticed Melvan sucking his thumb, doubled over his foot. “I am so sorry!” She said as she walked up and bent over to his size. She smiled as she shut the door, and sat down next to Melvan. “You know, I should do more than that.” She said as she moved her hand to support her head. “Tell me, why shouldn’t I just shoot you right here, right now?” She continued. Melvan made a sneer “Well, you don’t have a gun, so…”. Mildred pulled out a small black gun with a scilencer on the end. Melvan’s sneer disappeared “Well…um…that could, ricochet? Or, it would still be too loud, even with the silencer…”. Mildred shook her head “You have shown me, that reality is not the best place to be, so even if this did ricochet, I would have no problem taking one for the entire world, and to avenge my Dad.” Mildred cocked the gun. A few moments later she put the gun back, as she said: “Anyway, the other way would be funner.”. Melvan cringed, “Funner isn’t a word.” He said. She popped her knuckles, “Are you really going to correct the person who is about to kill you?”. Melvan said blankly, “Well someone’s got to do it…might as well be me.”. Mildred walked up closer to him and punched his shoulder playfully. “Is that it?” Melvan said sarcastically. She glared at him “You really want to find out?”. She stepped on his hurt foot, and walked out, slamming and locking the door behind her. When she was out she pulled out her notebook and recorded most everything that was talked about (or at least those of importance…). She stated at some point in her writing that Melvan must have a personality disorder. A disorder that could change his, and her lives.

Mildred decided that was enough field work for one day, so she agerned to a nearby hotel room that she had rented. Once she arrived, like any normal human would, she checked for murderers, in the usual places. You know, behind shower curtains, hiding in closets, just in any nook or cranny that might fit a small child, she checked. Once the room was deemed ‘safe’ she flopped down on her bed, and pulled out her smooth black laptop. Since the entire hotel had a most advertised ‘free wi-fi’ she proceeded to partake. She pulled up an internet tab, and searched several things on Google. She searched: “personality disorder that makes two different personalities”. Many suggestions pulled up. The most interesting one was labeled: “Dissociative Identity Disorder (multiple personality disorder)”. She scanned the page with her somewhat photographic memory. She read it, and summarized it in her notebook.

“Dissociative Identity Disorder = Melvan Slade

Cause: Severe trauma during early childhood, of physical or emotional abuse.”

She shuddered, there really wasn’t anything more terrifying that she could think of. Being a young child without a parent that loves you, and takes care of you. She remembered always having a loving Mom and Dad that would give their lives for her, the opposite was most unfathomable for Mildred. She shuddered and closed her laptop with a gentle thud. She flipped on the television.

After a long hard day as she had had, she slowly began to fall asleep.

She awoke with a sudden jolt, her eyes flipping open as if she hadn’t fallen asleep. It was now morning, but it seemed like it was but an hour after when she fell asleep. She scanned the room. It looked to be a normal morning, the sun was up and smiling. The curtains were pulled back to let the room soak and drench in the luscious rays of sunlight, the TV was off, and Mildred began shifting and getting up.

A quick shower and change later and she was ready to leave the room, in search of more secrets and mysteries. Never once did it cross her mind as to why the television was turned off, when she had obviously fallen asleep with it on.

She began walking down the long halls of the hotel she was staying. She had just pressed the elevator button when she remembered that she had forgotten her laptop bag. She rushed back to her room, not waiting to see the shady character exiting the elevator doors. She unlocked the room door with her key, and walked in. Being in such a hurry, Mildred didn’t wish to unlock the door again on her way out, so she simply shut the door with her backpack in between it. She ran in the room, and grabbed her laptop.

She was about to leave when she heard the door clinking shut, and the locking. She whipped around, and gasped.

Chapter 7

The morning after when Melvan was so rudely awakened and threatened was much like any other—if ‘any other’ means a good bit different. The curious reader might very well ask, ‘why was this day so different?’. I fully intend telling you but not with a few simple intriguing sentences to dampen your luscious reading palate, and begin your crave for more.

Melvan woke up, as always he is…hungry. And for the most part, horrifyingly grumpy, and snarky. As far as lazy hunchbacks do, this one looked especially crippled, and not at all well, or in good condition. He slumped over to the door, and rapped on it a couple times with his clenched fists. He continued a repetitive knock until the door was pulled away suddenly. He said nothing as he barely noticed the same older lady grab his elbow and start pulling him with her. She took him to another large room. It was much like one would find in a retirement home’s cafeteria. Doubled over, Melvan flopped down in the nearest chair. He released one word out of his bottomless pit of a mouth… “COFFEE.”. After quietly saying that to himself he turned to the older woman who was still standing next to him. He grabbed both ends of her collar on her button down shirt, and then proceeded to bring her closer, loudly releasing one word: “COFFEE!!!” he yelled at her face. She then slapped his arms, shoved them down, and slapped his face as she walked off. He frowned a extremely large frown. “No coffee.” He said as he regretfully pounded his fist into the table.

He slapped his hands into his face, and then ran them down to his chin, meanwhile making his eyes look somewhat odd, and to tell the truth, a little scary.

He sighed and stood up, and at once was dragged down by the former slapping woman. As he began to slide back down in his seat, she placed a tray of food down on the table in front of him. He smiled and looked up at the woman, “You love me.” He said. Again she slapped his face, and the speed of the slap made Melvan’s face turn toward his breakfast, and a richly black mug of coffee. He closed his eyes and sleepily smiled. He grabbed the mug, and forcefully brought it to his face. He ended the travel from tray to mouth so roughly and fast that a large dose of the boiling-hot coffee flew out of his cup, and squarely on his face.

Screams immediately followed the incident. With his cherry red, blistered face he faintly said, “No coffee.”.

Melvan of course was quickly escorted to the ER, in a calm fashion. When he arrived back, all but his eyes, and a small hole for his mouth were left anywhere visible. They shoved him back in his room.

As he sat on his lone couch, he let out a small, loud moan, and sat back, closing his eyes.

Again, he heard the door begin to open. A few seconds passed until a small mop of red hair peaked out, then her eyes squinting and looking around. Melvan made a completely not understandable sentence, that sounded like a llama screaming in anguish. But his shrivels of eyes appeared to be happy.

Mildred walked in completely. “Wha- What happened to you?!?” She said as she cocked her head stepping closer.

Melvan looked up at the ceiling, and used many gestures with his hands as he tried very hard to explain the coffee incident using his muffle of a talk. Mildred’s arm came across the middle of the body, and the other hand rested it’s elbow on it. Her hand raised to support her head, as she was attempting to understand Melvan.

Suddenly Mildred spoke as Melvan was in mid. ‘muffle’: “OK! OK! I can wait for later to hear about it. For now lets just get out of here. Wait—are you good Melvan or bad Melvan?”. With a slight nod, Melvan raised a thumbs up. “That will have to do.” Said Mildred as she began lifting Melvan’s wounded body, and heading for the door.

They both shuffled out, and to her small motorcycle. They both were wondering how they would fit, but without the unneeded use of space for luggage, they made it in the bike. As they began speeding off, Mildred realized the sirens blaring behind them. “I think they’ve realized they lost ‘ya.” She said as she flipped on the radio, and began speeding up. Three black cars turned on to the same long road that Melvan and Mildred were on. Tires screeched as the cars met the pavement at such a high speed. “Hold on Melvan.” She said as she saw obstacles in the road. Someone had dumped full dumpsers on the side of the road. She yelled to Melvan: “Stretch out your arm! Knock the dumpster over!” He shook his head violently as the large black dumpsters kept getting closer. Mildred yelled again: “I’m not asking!!”. He whimpered and slowly stretched out his arm.

With his arm out they passed the dumpsters at hurling speed. Once the dumpsters and Melvan’s arm met the dumpster he screamed in pain, and squeezed the wounded arm very tightly. If Mildred could hear him, he was attempting to ask himself: “WHY IS IT ALWAYS ME?!?!?!?”. They were going to fast that Mildred could hardly see, let alone hear a muffled scream.

As the two left the dumpsters Melvan turned around to see the effect of his actions. The cars simply turned into the empty next door oncoming lane. Melvan screamed in frustration.

Neither Melvan nor Mildred noticed the prowling squad car, sitting on the shoulder of the road.

The police obviously noticed the parade of vehicles going 80+ miles an hour in a 50 zone. So a squad car was added to the mix. The police officer (noticing the large number of offenders) called in for back up. Suddenly 3 other squad cars entered the chase. Mildred was getting a bit anxious, not wanting to give the chance of arrest, she was thinking of an escape plan.

Melvan of course had no idea what was going on, he couldn’t hear anything because of the sirens going off and the sheer force behind the wind. Also, he couldn’t hardly see for the tiny slivers of holes for his eyes to see out, the wind also played a part in making him impaired in this way as well.

Mildred noticed a small back road, where she would be able to fit, but not a bigger car. She slowed down hardly, and sharply turned into it. When she had preformed the turn she was very impressed with her self and chuckled as she accelerated, trying as hard as possible to get rid of any other chance of a follower.

When she got to her hotel she parked in the bushes where it would be quite hard for anyone to find them. They then walked in to the lobby. Mildred realized that she would need to buy a new room for Melvan. So she came up to the desk.

“Hey Doll.” Said a raspy woman, who’s hair appeared to be dyed blonde regularly, with intention to look as if it were ‘natural’. The wrinkles of course completely lost all hope of looking younger. Also her voice sounded as a woman does when she has been smoking.

“Er—Hi.” Began Mildred as she was at once caught off guard by the mismatching voice. With a slight moment of silence, Mildred finished: “I mean… Yeah, Hi.” She smiled as she looked up at the woman.

“Is there anything I can do for you?” Said the attempted blonde.

Mildred answered at once “Um, I was wondering if I could rent another room?”

The blonde smiled and revealing a shockingly white row of teeth in it’s wake “Sure thing toots. I know those room are so tiny! A girl can’t hardly fit all of her clothes in there! I completely feel you problem Hon’.”

Making a confused face, complete with her famous head cock and eye squint she replied, as she pointed to Melvan. “Well, actually, the room is for my friend…could you make it on the higher floor though?”

The blonde smiled again, with her make up peeling at the wrinkles that were pulled tight “OK Hon’, I’ll give him room number 392. Here’s your room key, remember, if it stops working, I’m pretty much magic at getting those little gizmo suckers working again, so call me up, I got you covered. And as you probably know, the breakfast is at 7:30, and closes at 9:00. Good night sweets.” She finally finished and handed the card that would be used as a key for the new room.

With a meek ‘thank you’ emanating from Mildred, the two began making their way to the elevator.

Mildred pressed the button to go up as she looked over at Melvan. “How do I know you’re really hurt underneath those bandages? Why can’t I just take a look?” She said as she began reaching for his head.

With a muffled shout Melvan swatted back her hand. He shook his head, and loudly grunted, as he entered the now available elevator. She stepped in as well. She pressed a seemingly random button, and Melvan looked at her and did the same. Mildred started chuckling as they began their decent. Melvan squinted his eyes and looked over at her, as if to say “What are you laughing about?”. She simply shook her head and continued laughing, “You see,” She began trying to speak though the loud chuckling, “it just makes no sense for us to be fighting over if you are wounded or not.” She added “Plus, I’m really tired, and I need to sleep, so everything is really funny.” She rubbed her eyes and leaned up against the side of the elevator.

Melvan smiled, and leaned up against the opposite wall. He spoke as best he could: “Is it hot in here? My face is sweltering.” He was waving his hands at his head. Mildred took a step toward him and then looked at him asking “Is it okay if I help you take it off? Would that be alright?” She stepped closer and extended her hands toward the bandages wrapped around his face. Melvan shrugged his shoulders, and muffled said: “You know, you could keep me alive when we where going ‘umpteen’-thousand miles an hour on a motorcycle, I think you can handle this.”. She had absolutely no idea what he said but she noticed his eyes turn and look at the floor, so it must have been something nice.

She popped her knuckles, “Are you ready for surgery?” she said in a pretend ‘man-voice’. They both chuckled.

She unwrapped the first layer, with her hands in a very gentle way, so much so that he hardly felt it come off. She began to peel the second layer as she asked: “How’s it feel? Are you okay?”. He replied with a single nod. She kept peeling it off until the last layer was all that was left. “Are you sure that we need to do this? Is your face going to, like- explode or something?” She spoke as she stepped back. “Melvan shook his head and motioned for her to come back.

She stepped back and at once unpeeled the next (and last) layer. “Well,” She started, “it doesn’t look too bad, you’re just a little red. Other than that, it looks pretty good to me.” She continued “Of course, I’m not a medical officer or anything…but, how does it feel?”.

He smiled, “It’s pretty relieving, but, I think maybe we need to get out of the elevator, I think people are going to start applauding or something…”. Both of them looked around to see the elevator was filling, and people had stopped to crowd around Melvan and Mildred. Mildred chuckled “I think they are thinking that you’re going to propose to me.” She said quietly, while smiling at the people surrounding, and staring. Melvan gave a devious smile, “Watch ‘is.” he said quietly, as he sat on the floor. He began to get up, in a way that positioned him on a single knee. As he extended his hand, the entire room gasped and applauded. Mildred grabbed his hand and pulled him up. The crowd slowly stopped clapping as they realized what was really going on.

Both Melvan and Mildred laughed loudly as they exited the elevator and made their way to the rooms.

“Do you even know where your room is?” Said Mildred as she began trying to quench her laughter. Melvan looked up at her. “ I thought you knew, after all, I was unable to speak… remember?”.

She shook her head and rolled her eyes. “Really, you’re playing the ‘wounded’ card again? That is getting really old. Don’t you have a creative excuse left in your little cherry red head?”.

Melvan sarcastically said in a ‘teenager-voice’ (as he called it): “Whatever!”. He used the card he was given, (and I don’t mean the wounded card…) and opened his door.

Mildred repeated him while smiling and extending her neck: “WhatEVER!!!”.

Melvan expelled a loud short sigh and slammed the door. A few moments later he opened it back up for a short moment using a very teethy obnoxious grin, and slammed the door again.

Mildred smiled and walked off to go to her room.

Chapter 8

The Next Morning:

Melvan woke up, and never bothered to leave his bed. He grabbed the remote and flipped on a TV show. He exclaimed: “Ohhh! It’s ‘Slaughter Fest’! I love this show!”. On the screen was a man in a very stylish pinstriped suit, complete with a fedora, and cigar. The man was sitting in a bar with two lovely ladies attached to either arm. At first it looked to be that the crowd was playing poker, but instead was playing ‘Mafia’. Then the man spoke in a thick and deep Bronx accent, as he held the smoking cigar with his teeth. “Ya see, Okay, so, this is what happened, Jeffery there,” He began as he pointed to the man across the table, “was a simply walking along the sidewalk of a parking garage, when all of the sudden a large cat jumped on his face, see? Then while the cat was a tearing away at Jeff’s his face a wandering dog came up. The dog started firstly attaching the cat, but instead directed his
attention to the ‘scrumptious looking Jeffrey, and began a tearing up Jeff’s body, scattering it all over the garage, sneaking nibbles of fingers and toes for the road.” He looked up at the man across the table. “You were everywhere man, just everywhere.” The room started laughing, but most of them were really disgusted, but always needed to put a good face on it for ‘the boss’.

Melvan chuckled, “Ain’t that how it works, right boys?” He said in a pretend Bronx voice. Then he turned to watch the rest of the show.

Before he was able to finish the show he heard a small but hard knock emanate from the door on the other side of the room. He yelled across the room, never looking away from the screen “Who is it?!?”. Mildred yelled back: “Who do you think? Any guesses? Seriously, you can’t even think of who it might be?”. Melvan stood up and shuffled over to the door. He opened it with the chain still on, and peered out. “What?” He said with only his head visible through the small crack in the opening. “Don’t you want breakfast?” Mildred said with her eyes looking very demeaning. Melvan spoke “Your eyes are burning my heart into a powdered ash of spite. Can you lay off of the shark eyes? It is beating down my soul.”.

Mildred raised her eyebrows “Wow, you’re being poetic. Now lets get food, you bright ray of Sunshine.” She rolled her eyes and began walking away. Melvan shut the door so as to unhook the chain. After a moment, of silence with the door shut, he burst the door open and jumped out with his fists in the air, as if he were flying, then he struck an amazing pose. With almost his entire body motionless, he yelled “I REQUIRE SUSTINANCE! Where is this that you call the break of fasts?”. As Mildred continued walking she let loose a much needed facepalm.

When the two arrived downstairs they ate breakfast. Mildred told Melvan that they would have to leave in a couple minutes. Melvan was quite upset at this because he indeed loved this hotel (and any other hotel, for that matter…) and did not want to leave at all. The dialogue is as follows:

As Mildred spoke the dreaded words, Melvan released many looks of astonishment, and pure sacredness. It took Melvan a few moments to actually say anything, he was mostly just amazed that Mildred could suggest such a thing. Melvan shook his head multiple times with his mouth utterly downturned, until he finally spoke. “Are you completely mad Woman? This is one of the most sacred places a normal man can set his own foot upon. Why in anywhere would we leave. Again I say Woman, ARE YOU COMPLETELY MAD?”.

Mildred just sat at the other side of the table simply waiting for Melvan to stop ranting and rambling on about this absurd a thing. She did not even try speaking a word of reason to him, for she knew the outcome would be nothing of value. Instead she grabbed his arm and took him up stairs (by way of elevator) meanwhile he continued speaking almost the same thing over and over again. She shoved him in his room, and said, (not expecting to be heard) “Pack your stuff.” As she left she mumbled under her breath, “I knew I shouldn’t have given you coffee.”. As soon as she had finished this sentence Melvan turned around at record speed, with a very put out face (if I do say so myself.). He walked up to her not even bothering to watch his step, being much too busy watching her sly little mug, to pay any attention to anything else. “YOU. Dear Woman, do you even know what it is that you are saying? This is complete nonsense, and I don’t believe a word of it is true. If you have any interest in keeping any sanity in your mind, I would suggest not speaking another word, but instead going to your room, and thinking about what it is that you have done to deserve such things. Go on. Bask in the filth of your own nonsense, and enjoy it my dear, for, heaven knows, you shall not be in it long for I am sensing in the near future, a trip to the psycho ward. Good day.” Mildred took a step back. She was to tell the truth much frightened by this unexpected transformation. With a simple “Ok.” She stepped out to the much more welcoming hallway, to think over what he said was just pure caffeine talking, or what he actually meant. After a couple moments without luck, she began walking back to her room to begin packing.

After she had finished packing for herself she then walked over to Melvan’s room to see how that situation was working out. She rolled her luggage over, and parked it next to Melvan’s door. She rapped three times on the wooden door. Without an answer, she knocked again and tried her best to look in the ‘peek hole’.  She yelled in to try to get Melvan’s attention. “MELVAN?!? What are you doing? ANSWER THE STUPID DOOR.” The door began to unlatch, but didn’t open as much as Mildred would have liked, because a golden chain was making it impossible for her to open it. A large man stuck his head in the crack at an angle that looked quite frightening when one isn’t expecting that person. Mildred let out a small squeal, and the man spoke. “Listen lady, I just got here, and I am really really tired. So if you can’t leave me alone, I’m going to have to call the front desk on you. You got the deal? LEAVE ME ALONE.”. The man pulled his face out of the door and slammed the door harder than Mildred could have imagined earlier. With a meek apology she stepped back and examined the door number. It was indeed the one that Melvan had been using. She looked at her watch to check the time. “Surely I wasn’t in my room for more than an hour…” She muttered to herself. She turned around so that she could use the elevator to get to the front desk.

When she arrived at the front desk it was the same woman as last night. Mildred shook her head, and wasn’t excited to talk to this lady once again, but had no choice. The woman at once recognized her and filled the room with odd greetings of excitement. The raspy Bronx accented woman grabbed Mildred’s hand and shook it roughly as the woman spoke. “Oh Doll! It’s you! I’m so glad you’ve come back to talk to me again! So, where’s that fellow of yours? I bet he’s off gambling or something, isn’t he, over at the casino? I guessed he was one of those types.”. Mildred kindly released the tight grip that the woman had been using in the rough hand shake as she spoke, “Yeah, hi. So, yeah, I actually don’t know where Melvan is…Do you really think he’s at the casino? Did you see him go over there?”. Mildred stood silently as the woman expelled a good bit of information on the whereabouts of the casino. “But,” said the blonde “I haven’t exactly seen your buddy leaving the lobby, but you know the other exits are always available, for paying customers.

Mildred sneered, she said under her breath “I bet he did.”. Then she finished speaking with normal volume: “Oh, thanks! Ms…”. The blonde finished “I’m Darla. And you’re welcome anytime Honey, you must come back now, you hear? I’m going to miss you!”.

Mildred waved as she said under her breath, “I sure wish I could say the same about you…”. Her first action was to grab her luggage and make way for the ‘casino’. She walked very fast paced as she began thinking of the kidnappers that were looking  for them. She didn’t know if Melvan was or was not captured already. As all of these worries and thoughts passed through her mind she walked faster and faster, by the time she made it to her motorcycle she was running. She noticed a couple black suitcases surrounding her bike. And then she heard a voice “Wow, you look flustered. What’s the deal?”. Mildred turned around very fast. There was a man leaned up against the side of the building. It was Melvan in a long black pinstriped suit. Mildred walked up to him. “Bu- But how did you get here? I mean where were you? I was looking everywhere! Where did you get that suit? I mean…WHAT IS  GOING ON? Why did you run away?” Mildred released many questions, loudly, at Melvan’s face. Melvan closed his eyes and pulled back his head as she yelled at him. Once he thought that she was done, he began asking for her forgiveness: “I won’t even attempt to answer all of the questions that you just threw at me. Instead I shall tell you what happened, in the hopes that you will forgive, and maybe even stop yelling at me.”

Mildred nodded as if to say ‘continue on’.


Not your run-of-the-mill, murder mystery.
Mister Melvan is unsure of himself. Murders have been committed surrounding his quaint apartment, but Melvan has seen but nothing, not a shadow, not a whisper, not a gunshot. Melvan begins to wonder how and who, is the murderer.

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