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February 23, 2014 by Musical

Every year, my excitement level reaches a maximum around this time of year…

Nekamo Camp. I’m the goth-looking kid, who some say looks like a girl version of Johnny Depp…(I swear I’m not emo, or goth, I just have very dark hair.)

Camp is one of the highlights of my year, I am really excited.

Every week of camp, everyone gets to pick 2 ‘activities’, think of them as a class, or something like that. Every year, and every week that I have been old enough I have taken 22’s (22 millimeter rifle, class.). I have gotten 2 pins, and I only need one more target to get my third. After 5 pins (and I am several years older) I’ll be able to graduate camperdom, and help teach the class.

For the last two weeks of camp, I also took Outdoor Cooking… to me, that means I get to make fires, and help others make them. Annie, my older sister who is now a counselor (and assists in activities), is well known as someone who is very very good at making fires. Personally, they are so freaking fun, that I really want to be able to assist in this class when I get older as well. I’ve already met the requirement to light a one match fire, (if only a staff person was there to validate it) IN THE RAIN, with WET WOOD. That was boss.

3 Months to go. Expect more excitement.


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