The Quirky Life of a Sleep Deprived Teen


January 15, 2014 by Musical

Hello Sweetie.

I really need to change my subtitle to this. As it is quite true (maybe even more so than my current one…). For the most part I am a self-inflicted sleep deprived person, though I’m sure I could blame a lot of people/animals. For example, here is a description of how my ‘attempted sleep’ went.


It’s funny when I think about it now, but I was pretty happy that I had gotten to bed early, the time being 8:30 PM… Little did I know just how long I was going to stay awake.

The light was on for about 30 more minutes, until we turned it off. Billy, the frightening cat had decided he wanted to sit on my bed… Why was he frightening? Well, long story short, when we adopted him, and brought him home, he was the equivalent of a he-demon in cat form. Hiding in the corner swatting and hissing… So anyway, he still scares me a little bit, because it was like, a day after demon-cat, he was all cuddly and lovey. In other words, I seriously feared for the well being of my feet/any body part that was too close to him.

So, I cowered in a ball, on the opposite of the bed, watching time consuming videos, such as:

At some point, I was falling asleep, and accidentally stretched out my legs, and lightly touched the mysterious cat. I instantly awoke, at the feel of fur. Likewise, Billy woke up, stretched his back, and walked up to my squinting face, sniffed it, and lay down. Two feet away from my face. I moved to the other side of my twin sized bed, and continued to watch videos.

10 minutes later I put my laptop away, and tried to sleep, to no avail. Billy began scratching, and licking himself, my mind couldn’t help but imagine the horrible things getting scratched off, and plummeting onto me and my bed. I picked my laptop up again 20 minutes later **… *refresh*. I did this multiple times, until I was able to carefully and slowly push the cat off of my bed.

The moral of this story! If you value your sleep, free the room of cats, and shut the door. Also, before going to bed, place your phone/laptop in a very, VERY inconvenient location.

**By the way, this is the 200th post on Live Dangerously! Here, have a virtual celebratory piece of cake! Huzzah!**

Keep being crazy, but also live dangerously, and eat your veggies.



6 thoughts on “The Quirky Life of a Sleep Deprived Teen

  1. activeflock says:

    YAY Sleep!

  2. I make Andrew take my laptop away and hide it from me half an hour before bedtime! 😀 Otherwise I’d probably be watching videos on it till my eyeballs fall out. 😉

  3. kittysperson says:

    This reminds me of an article I read in National Geographic about a lady who basically had a lion come squish half her tent while she lie there in the other half. She’s fine now. And she ended up with a really cool story, too.

  4. annthe says:

    I don’t have that problem… I don’t sleep.
    -Ann Out

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