An Untitled Novel (100 For 100)

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Jantine was a young girl,with a large imagination. This got her in large messes sometimes. No matter the consequences, no matter the mess, she always tried to make a big mystery, out of a little situation. This is her story.

A scheduled day for little Jantine never happened. Or at least it was scheduled, just not played out. So, let us just talk about how today went, because I can’t really say anything  was scheduled. So on with it.

The night before, Janti had been dreaming a wonderful dream, In which she had just woken up, and found a candy bar waiting for her underneath her pillow. Janti had just begun to vigorously rip off all of the wrapping surrounding her delicious confection, when she awoke in true life with her clenched fist, implanted inside of her gaping mouth. Jantine at once stopped drooling, pulled out her fist, and shut her mouth. She had heard a queer sound coming from her fish bowl, and  hopped out of bed to investigate.

She walked near her desk, it had a jar, with a pretty leafy vine coming out of it. What she was focusing on at the moment was a orange, and white goldfish, with a peculiar attitude. It swam to the middle of his living space, waited a few moments, and went into hyper drive. It swam as hard and as fast as you could imagine a little fish to do. Finally, with a nice sharp pitch, the fish smacked the glass on his bowl. Jantine didn’t really know what to do with that, she waited a few moments to contemplate what would be the best action for the next move. She ruled that the most normal way to leave this awkward situation was simply to sprinkle fish-food in the bowl, and walk away. She carried this out, and went downstairs, to get some breakfast.

Jantine romped down the stairs, and quite soon she was walking on the level she wanted. “Hey-lo Mum!” She yelled as she made her way to the kitchen. “Mumirino? Hey Mom?!? MAAAAAMMM?!?!?!?” She yelled. She had walked almost the entire house, until she realized what day it was, “Tuesday.” She thought to herself. At once, she went to her bedroom, and got dressed. After completely ready to go somewhere, she went outside to the yard. A large, shaggy, floppy eared, brown dog ran up to her and licked her hands. There in front of Janti was her Mom, petting the dog. “Morning hon’.” The lady said. Janti, forgetting to answer, skipped the small talk and got straight to the business. “Mom,” She started. “don’t we have that thing to do today?”

Oh yes that is today isn’t it?” Janti’s mom said as she stood up from her gardening, and dusted herself off.
“Yeaup.” Janti replied.
“We’d better et goin’ then hadn’t we?”
The two walked off inside to get themselves ready to go and do whatever they wanted to.
Janti went up to her room, and got on an awesome outfit, that she thought was perfect for where they were going. I shall describe from top to bottom, because that is perfectly orderly, and just makes me feel a lot better than bottom to top. On her head was a nice sleek jet black, tophat. Below that was a dandy bowtie, whose job was to tie all of the parts of the outfit together. Below,on her arms, were green, pink, purple, and blue colored elbow length gloves. She also wore a cute green ‘labcoat’. Under her ‘labcoat’ was a funny shirt with a bunch of Spock, and underneath each photo was an emotion, such as: “Sad, Happy, Mad..” and others. For pants she had blue jeans, and black converse shoes, came below the pants. Under her socks, was a pair of purple and green striped socks.


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I'm a spunky, fun-lovin' 13 year old. I live on a 10 acre mini-farm, with my 5 siblings and 2 parents, Dad, Mom, Russian Panda, Shorty, Alfred, HH, and Klingon, the newest member to our funny little clan. Everyday (since January 2013) I have been wearing a tophat and or bowtie, sometime everyday. I'm hoping my New Year's resolution will last. :3

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