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January 6, 2015 by Musical

Hey Guys!

I realize that you have been horribly neglected these past few months. Along with a plea for forgiveness, I have a peace offering. Yes my lovelies, I have something for you. A payment, of the very best sort. Information.

I have been a busy little person, while I was ignoring all of you. Lots of tales, lots of new experiences, and all of it very blog-worthy. So, here you go. Enjoy the splendor of knowledge.

*Narrator voice* Here’s what you missed on Gle–… Live Dangerously. *nervous chuckle*

My mane has grown into a freakish beard-able form. It’s true. The anime girl you know and love has turned into a burly lumberjack. Rawr.

bearrdd haircutspring2014


Okay, okay, enough foolishness. Lets get down to the actual stuff.


3.    It was October 31st. I was nervously awaiting the beginning, the war was about to begin. I sat atop my bed, feet cuddled in a blanket, and laptop perched on my lap. The time had come. *Batman Theme* Na na na na na na na NaNoWriMo! The only difference from the years of participation previous: the mount was higher, grimacing and mocking down at my ghostlike, ivory face. Different from the usual, 10,000 word goal, I dared and lept for the unthinkable. The adult-sized, the 50,000 word novel goal. For the weeks ahead I would write furiously, typing and blasting Glitch Mob in my headphones. Checking my word count every other paragraph. Guess what, my dearlings. Guess what. I did it. I flipping did it. Sorry if I’m sounding braggish, but this was a huge deal for my confidence, and it helped with my state of mind. I can do it. Nothing is impossible with a little determination, Dubstep, and gallons of coffee.

2. I was employed. A legitimate job, with a legitimate paycheck. There is nothing that compares to excitedly opening up your mail to find a very adult looking check. Glad I did it, even got a tan out of the deal, but best of all it helped me do a very special thing.

1. This is one of the most fantastic things I’ve done in my entire lifetime. Seriously, I count it as one of my greatest accomplishments, even though most of you probably don’t see how big of a deal it is. This past summer in an attempt to try something new, I earned about 100 dollars and signed up for a summer theater class. I have *never* in my entire lifetime, sung, danced, or done any theatrical performance. This was my first ever time. I came very nervously on the first day of the summer class. Never seen a single person in the room. The very first day I learned a lot, but one thing that I knew for sure was that Theatre is something that I need to continue doing. So, after the class was finished, long story short, I auditioned for my first ever show. Fiddler On The Roof. I sung solo in front of 50+ people, in my first ever audition. I was scared senseless, at least I was able to get the song out. A few days after, I learned that I had landed a part. No matter how small of a part it was, it meant that they enjoyed my performance. They *liked* it. I’m really, really, unimaginably excited to preform my first production in February.

Now, if you all will excuse me I have a cat to cuddle with, as I sit on Facebook for hours on end.

Bye Lovelies!


2 thoughts on “Your Author Returns

  1. annthe says:

    Hey, Musical! Really happy to hear from you, It’s cool to see how you’re doing. Sounds like you’ve been more productive in your time than I have been. Happy New Year! ;D
    -Ann Out

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