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April 8, 2014 by Musical

I should be giving a speech about the 27th amendment today, but the left side of my face decided it would start being sick, and is leaking. So I decided to watch a episode of Doctor Who. Some line in it, I can’t remember exactly what it was, but it was something like “A 20 year old can get as much out of life as a 80 year old, its about the person, not how many years you have.”.

Aside from the obvious:”Live life to the fullest!”, this reminds me, for example: of how a photographer isn’t made a better photographer, just by the camera.  Many things in this life are made to make you look better than you are. I’m not saying its bad to feel good about yourself, but don’t let it go into bragging, especially when it’s all an illusion.

On the other side, the one-size-fits-all aspect of many of these filters we use in life, can degrade how good you actually are. Sometimes, if you take the gloves off, and see what you actually are, you can go places. Not to be cliche, but let it go. You could be surprised. Never downsize when you are doing well.


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