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March 20, 2014 by Musical

My ‘suegah-pih’ (Josh for: ‘sugar-pie’) little brother, Joshie. Forever our baby, 2 years old last month. He makes a terror of the house, but his giggle can make you forgive him in mere moments.

The rainbow after the storm. One of the happiest moments of my life.

In 2012, I was sitting in a bunkbed, at the summer camp I go to. The counselors of the cabin don’t always have mail to give us, the campers, but when they do it is really awesome. That day I did have mail. It was a letter from my Mom. I don’t really remember exactly what it said, but it definitely gave the message it meant. Something like: “I’m pregnant.”

Since it was ‘Rest Hour’ I wasn’t really supposed to make any noise, but I couldn’t hold in a very large gasp, and a muffled squeal. One of my best friends at camp, was sitting on the bunk above me, she heard my noises and whispered: “What?!?”. I wasn’t supposed to talk until after rest hour, so as soon as “Free Time” came. We ran outside and I told her. We both screamed and hugged. I was smiling so much, and I couldn’t stop.

Multiple months later, Mom and Dad had gone to an appointment to get an ultrasound, to see the baby. A few minutes after we received a text with a photo. Mom holding her pregnant belly in one hand, and in the other a green and blue balloon with the words “It’s a boy!” on it.

Months after, Mom and Dad had decided on a name. I guess the nickname “Beaver” wasn’t going to work. If I remember correctly she had a dream, where she was told to name him Joshua, Saviour.

Mom was getting to the third trimester, they had been very cautious for many reasons. So Mom ended up getting a Cesarean Section, instead of the natural homebirth she had previously wanted.

On my Dads birthday, she was scheduled to go into surgery. Another scary moment. We were in the hospital room, Mom was laying on a bed with IVs stuck in her everywhere, and monitors beeping rhythmically. “Goodbye Mom. The next time we see you we’ll have little Beaver too.” That was the only thing that could keep me from crying with Mom being under so much pain; Josh will be here after this is over.

Minutes, hours, until we received a text from Dad who was with Mom in the surgery room. “Surgery is over, I’m staying with Josh, Mom will be out soon.” What…? This was not in the plan. I didn’t sign up for this. About 30 minutes later Mom rolled in, looking very tired, and sleep deprived. I was happy to see Mom, but it was hard to see her like this, without the baby.  We got more texts saying that he was in the NICU, Neonatal intensive care unit.

He stayed in there for a week. We didn’t get to see or touch him for a week. He had some fluid in his lungs when he was born, and had trouble breathing.

Now he is here, at home. Running around, asking for nom-noms. My little curly haired buddy. The miracle.


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