Shut Up

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February 23, 2014 by Musical

The epiphany of disrespect. Another way of saying, I don’t care what you’re thinking, and I wish you would go hide under a rock and never speak again.

Was that too exaggerated? No, I think it fits.Shut up fool.

I know, I know “Sticks and stones…” and all that crud, but honestly this irritates the heck out of me. You know, “The pen is mightier than the sword.”, and I am going to use that pen to stab whoever goes against my logic. (P.S.A.L.T people, you know who you are…)

I’ve recently gotten knee deep in The Hunger Games Series of books, and I am not in the least disappointed. One sentence lit a spark, a wildfire to the nation.

Many famous people were illiterate, or very near so.

William Faulkner (Famous Writer/Poet)

Alfred Mosher Butts (Inventor of Scrabble/Lexiko)

F. Scotts Fitzgerald (Writer of: The Great Gatsby)

John Keats (Poet)

Jane Austen (Writer)

As long as you have the thoughts, you’ve got yourself a masterpiece. No need for a bunch of letters.

‘Shut Up’ literally means: to stop (or cause someone to stop) talking.

I don’t know about you but, this is offensive to me. Are you really that arrogant to ask me to stop telling you my thoughts? You conceited, egotistical, egocentric, tyrant.

You know what? You go hide under a rock. I don’t even care, just don’t ever tell me to shut up. I’ve got way too much to say, and if you say that to me, I’m warning you, I’m going to have so much more to say.

Don’t even get me started because I will never stop.


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