I See Fire


February 21, 2014 by Musical

Currently in northern Missouri, the weather is a balmy, 50 degrees. I am sitting in my room, window open, shorts on.

This weather, is my weather.

I would most definitely be creating a large fire if I hadn’t these two problems 1. The wind is horrendous, and I am not a fan of burning my home down. 2. I am about to leave for the library, and for the sake of all of their lovely patrons, I wish not to smell of campfire smoke.

This is a large shame really, I created a amazing recipe for ‘Fire Starters’, and I’d love to use one of the starters to make a fire. Oh, what’s that? You would like a recipe? Of course you would! Here it is, but remember, most everything can be substituted.


– Cardboard egg carton (I had to use plain small cupcake liners)

– Candle wax (I used an old candle that no one wanted.)

-Kindling. (a. Pine-cones (b. Very small sticks (c. Pine-needles/Hay/Small Straw (d. Dryer lint.

– An electric candle lighter/matches (I’d recommend a candle lighter as it can stay lit longer.)

– A stainless steel spoon/ a spoon that you don’t care about.

– Thin cardboard (I used an old tissue-box)/Torn up thicker cardboard.


This can differ a lot depending on what you have, and how you would like to do this. These instructions are only based on what did.

1. Place kindling in egg carton holes. Put larger kindling on the bottom of the hole, with the smallest higher in the pile. Make sure to put a equal amount of kindling in each hole, and make sure each hole has the same kindling.

2. Use a butter knife to cut the candle into smaller pieces. I made them about the size between a quarter and a dime.

3. Place 1-3 pieces of candle on the spoon, and begin melting the candle with the lighter. Make sure to hold the spoon over the egg holes. The wax should pour onto the kindling and cardboard. Pour generously on each hole.

4. Let wax dry for about 30 minutes or whenever dry.

5. When ready to use a Fire Starter, tear off a egg slot/hole. When lighting, I found it easier to place a cardboard piece with wax poured on it, underneath the fire starter. Have many larger kindling close at hand.

Enjoy, my Pyromaniacs! (You know who you are…)


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