Beautiful Stress

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October 27, 2013 by Musical

Hello Sweetie,

I am writing this post as a sleep deprived person, who no longer can use her brain to its full ability. In other words… Brain no work-y. This post will probably make no sense to the public, but again–I am mostly asleep, so what do I know?

I am so tired (and a lot of the time as well), yet I really, really, want to join Debate Class again.

I’d love to say the tournament was great, but, I cannot lie. IT WAS MISERABLE. Everything went completely fine, nothing was wrong, nothing- except the biggest thing… I wasn’t debating. I was so spoiled, debate is so much better than any activity I could take. It was so stressful…so beautifully stressful. I miss it so much.

Every debate I watched, I couldn’t help myself from writing notes. Missed arguments, punny catch-phrases, all gone to waste.

Problem: Debate is in mid-season, and I am not signed up. Worst mistake. Why didn’t I sign up in the first place? A weird little thing called branching out. I’m not a tree!! I don’t need to ‘branch out’. Who made that up anyway?As I heard in one of the debates, ‘Nobody likes a quitter.”. Although technically, I didn’t ‘quit’, I didn’t try either.

I got just enough of a taste to make me thirst for it again. That was not well thought out of me.


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