Top Five Pranks For A Shared Computer

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October 21, 2013 by Musical

Hello Sweetie,

Some of you may know, or maybe not…But I indeed have a dark gift.

I must put a disclaimer. I am not in anyway responsible for what you do with the tools I give you, I’m just giving you tools.

With a shared desktop, there are many possibilities for pranking. Some of the easiest pranks to do are on your computer. I will now show you how to be a Shared Computer Troll. personal_trollface_hd

1. Desktop Background Switch

Usually the most frightening things are unexpected. This is one of my favorite tricks, mostly because it is amazingly easy. All that is required is an awesome picture, (like the one below) and a computer.

Almost every form of computer has a personalize button. How I got to mine was a right click on the current background, and then another click on the “Personalize” button.

After that, a window pops up. You are now looking for a Desktop Background button. Your computer is likely different, so it is probably in a different spot. Mine had the button in the bottom-left-corner. Click that.

A Bunch of Pictures should fall down. Click on the ones you want, and set the timer button to however long you want it.

Viola (A bigger violin)! You have a fancy background to freak out you computer sharers.


2. Constant Music

Some of the most annoying things are things that NEVER STOP. It’s hard to make it so that they can’t stop it though. I HAVE FIGURED OUT A WAY. This trick might only work if you are on a “Windows 2007 Professional”.

Click on ‘Switch User’.

Use any other user.

Find the most annoying song created, and put it on ‘loop’.

Leave that user and return to the most used one. Get up, and let someone else get on the computer. Odds are that the next person won’t know what happened and will be hopelessly confused.

3. Keyboard Malfunction

It is really annoying when you know that something’s off, but you don’t know what, or how to fix it.

All that you need for this one is a quarter, and a Traditional Keyboard.


What you are trying to do is pry out a key, and stick the neighbor-key in it’s place. My technique is to press the coin into the key below the desired, and slip the coin in the crack, and pry it out.

4.Screen Saver Switch

Just like the background, this can be very annoying (and might not work the same way on your computer.).

All you need to do is:

-Right click on your ‘desktop background’, and click ‘personalize’.

-Click the ‘screen saver’ button.

-Look for a ‘photo’ or ‘slideshow’ button.

-Click your prank photo (like the one below).

screen saver ruin


Your victim will think they are online already, but in fact, they are not.

(I don’t know how your computer is, but it probably doesn’t have the same set up.)

5. The Screen Flip

This is evil.

This is only a prank that should be used on April Fools Day. It takes a long time to fix this. Your entire desktop screen and mouse icon flip. THIS IS NOT A FUNNY JOKE. It is downright evil.

 –Right click on the background.

-Click ‘graphics options’ > ‘rotation’ > ’90 degrees’.

Keep being crazy, but also live dangerously, and eat your veggies.


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