Ways To Repel Anoying Loiterers

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October 9, 2013 by Musical

Hello Sweetie,

I am certainly not saying that every teen is rude, loud and annoying. I’m a teenager, and I wouldn’t consider myself like that. But everyone knows, those teens.

You know, those teens that loiter around the library shelves, talking very loudly. Those teens that walk up behind you, whilst you are using a laptop, in the library, and stare at your screen…as if they hate what you are writing, but still can’t look away.

Since everytime I go to the library to blog, I have this nuisance, I have concocted a plan. I will use these multiple phases, to repel these annoying teenagers. If you have this problem as well, I would recommend following these steps.

Phase 1- Start playing classical music on your headphones, as loud as you can stand.

Phase 2- Write an in-depth blog post, about why staring is rude.

Phase 3- Start randomly singing your favorite dance song.

Phase 4- Stare them in the eye creepily until they leave.

Phase 5- Give them a cookie, and a threat note: “Stop staring or else I will take my cookie back.”

Phase 6- Bore them to death with this awesome video, or this one.

Phase 7- Scare them of your weirdness by suddenly sticking a Spiderman sticker on them and turning back around like nothing happened.

Phase 8- Do the robot, sprinkler, or the shuffle, so badly that your cat would cringe.

Phase 9- Start preaching about Copper Hydroxycarbonate.

Phase 10- Record them with the webcam, then publish it on Youtube.


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