Completely Satisfied


August 10, 2013 by Musical

Hello Sweetie,

A fun thing that my older sisters have been doing in the past year, is enter a poem or two in our library branch’s annual poetry contest. They had a great time, and Russian Panda got picked as a finalist. I was interested in signing up for the next year’s contest.

Earlier this year they held the contest again. I was still interested, and had been looking into sending in a couple, when I took a gander at the age limit. “13-18” The contest had to be the month BEFORE my 13 birthday. I could not participate. Still disappointed that the library had NOT A SINGLE poetry contest for pre-teens, I spitefully, wrote a poem.

A protest poem.

“Too Young


A bookmark is a mark for books

I love to read

I hate to cook

I write a poem now and then

So I was very sad when

I heard your poem contest had an age limit

And to be quite honest, I’m not quite within it

The rules you stated clearly told

You must be at least 13 years old

In a month I’ll be that age

It nearly fills my soul with rage

I love to write

I love to read

If only I grew with greater speed

But next year I know I’ll surely win

I might even bring this one back in

Alas for now I have to wait

But next year of the winnings I shall partake”

I read it off to myself, and decided someone might get a chuckle if I sent it in, to be judged… So I did.

A couple weeks later, my Mom got a call, while I was at (of all places..) the library, from our library. The lady told her that Russian Panda, and Shorty were finalists, and asked if they could come to the oral part of the competition. Then The librarian told her that I my poem had given a laugh to her, and she passed it around to the other librarians. Then she said that it was a poem that they would have liked to make a finalist, but since I was under-aged, they couldn’t allow me to compete. But she said, they would like for me to come to the competition anyway and recite the poem, at least. She also said that the poem had made some discussion among the libraries as whether or not they should reduce the age limit to 12.

So I went, I stutteringly recited.


Today I went to the same library. The next annual contest is coming up so I picked up a flier. The top of the page read:

“age limit: 12-13”

Keep being crazy, but also live dangerously, and eat your veggies.


5 thoughts on “Completely Satisfied

  1. annthe says:

    Keep changing the world kiddo,

  2. Musical says: library at a time.

  3. activeflock says:

    You are so awesome! I love how you didn’t just pout about it, you took action. You used your skills and winsome words to totally illustrate how arbitrary that age limit was. I am so very proud of you my Musical Lamb. ILU! – I’m proud to be your Daddy.

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