Reality As We Don’t Know It


August 5, 2013 by Musical

Hello Sweetie,

A few moments ago I saw a comment, requesting my theory for reality. Seeing as I am at a complete (bottom-of-the-barrel) LOSS for any blogging material.Look out folks, this is going to be an all-nighter. (too bad I have to wake up early in the morning…Inspiration only lasts a couple seconds for me.)                                           Here we go fellas.

The long asked question, the first question in human existence…

No, fellow Whovians, I’m not asking that question. I’m asking: Where did the universe begin, and who begun it?

I’m not the kind of person that just tells you right out. I have a past of rambling, so if it gets a little long going, just skip a paragraph or so.

Well, lets just start with a nice story. Once there was a little-

“oh wait..this is the beginning of time… there was nothing…”

Let me finish! Interrupting is a bad habit! As I was saying.

Once, in the beginning of all time and space, there was a Hedgehog. His name was Khandi-khorn. He was the first being in all of, well, everywhere. K.K was there, and was there forever. K.K had special mind powers. The very first day that he found his powers, he created what he liked to call, A Rock. K.K was enamored with his object, so enamored that he wanted to make a bigger version.

“This is but a prototype,” K.K thought. “I will now create A HUGE Rock!”

A large KABLAM struck the nothingness. A Rock, infinitely bigger than K.K was born. K.K got so excited that he could no longer control himself. Subconsciously, he exploded his new creation. K.K had an interesting mix of extreme sadness and utter amazement, for even K.K, the first thing in anywhere, didn’t have an idea of what was happening. The rock turned into a enormous substance that filled all of nothing, it was like dust in the air, excepting that it was not as big as dust and it was not in anything, but had morphed into everything. The ‘small rock’ K.K’s first creation, now looked a lot bigger. So much bigger that K.K realized that he was small enough to get on it. When he jumped on the rock, he realized, the lack of gravity and anti gravity. POOF, problem fixed, he didn’t know how to adjust gravity though, after all, he was very new with this mindpower thing. K.K left that lightly gravity sprinkled planet, in search of something to do.

He Nonchalantly thought: “If I’m too light, why can’t I make something heavy to go on this big rock?” Nobody answered, and he totally could, and it was awesome. K.K concentrated on a weight and ZABINGO, there it was, a large creature with a big attitude, and large locks of purple hair. He had created a beautiful, enormous, Giant. K.K grinned as much as a hedgehog could.

K.K had been thinking, “Why not make a smaller planet that is my size?” He really should stop asking questions, because nobody answers. YALINGO! There was a hedgehog sized planet. “This is now my home.” He said as he jumped on. “So, pretty giant, what do you want? I mean, what have you been dreaming about, all 5 minutes of your life?” The purple haired lady replied: “sahlogiflagoit.” That was all that K.K needed, he started creating anything that he thought would make a purple haired giant happy. Before you know it, He made a entire world, as modern as present day things. Like a TV, Microwave, any, and everything imagined. The Giant simply shook her head. K.K, so ashamed with not succeeding stormed on his own world. In his anger, he created mosquitoes, horseflies, and anything imaginable on his world including the first human, and other animals. He came back to the giant to figure out what it was she wanted. Before K.K could get his words out, Yinigo The Giant held out her arms and said one word. With that one word, she created something amazing. The word was “Hug?”. He didn’t quite know what to do with that, but eventually he realized that all that she wanted all along, was a hug.

Now lets go a little to the future, in 2010. K.K, for the love of his purple haired creation, turned himself into a giant as well. Just so that he would be ‘less intimidating.” as he put it.

K.K and Yinigo, had been married for a couple years, and had had two kids. Kini, and Yeneto.

K.K had a secret hobby, he always had loved to play with toy trains. Afraid that he would spoil his secret, and have someone find out about it, every night, K.K would sneak to the portal room of his old world. He had reconstructed his portal into a flat board. He would move the pieces across the table, and play like that for a large portion of the night.

Those pieces he played with every night, he still plays with to this day. And you wanna know something else. Those pieces he plays with every night, are YOU, and everyone else in the planet earth, AKA his old home. Some of his kind still scurry around on our world, Hedgehogs, of his own image, only without the supernatural powers that he had.


Now I will leave you. With the sacred assurance that I did not believe a word of what I said above.

It is but a theory.

Keep being crazy, but also live dangerously, and eat your veggies.


6 thoughts on “Reality As We Don’t Know It

  1. annthe says:

    I have a confession to make, I didn’t eat my veggies.

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