Farmers Market


July 13, 2013 by Musical

Well, I have most definitely gotten all of my people seeing in today. I had to be cheerful, with a large grin, at 7:30 in the morning, surrounded with strangers.

Thank heavens for coffee. 

Yes, that is in bold, your eyes may not deceive. COFFEE.

The only thing that held me back from sleep. I wanted to have a Frappuccino aswell, but I did not.

I have unleashed my inner salesman, against the unsuspecting public. After a quick, large thermos of coffee, I snuck myself into peoples mind. I made my product even more appealing, than the fabulous appearance it already had. Free samples were an easy tool with the target in plain sight, children, and people with money. My directive was simple, GET ALL ‘DE MONIES IN ‘DE WHOLE WORLDS!!!

Now, in our world today, there are many tactics for selling. But why to these tactics work anyway? I will answer. Because a large population of the public does not look deeply into the thought of buying until they already had.What is it that people look for in a product? Cheep price, healthiness, and cute packaging, all take a part in making something great. But what a lot of people don’t realize is that the mood of the one selling puts a great difference in. A cheerful chatty person would do well to be an employee at a Wal-mart.

Excuse me, I must have a music break. Join me.!/user/Musical/19442457/broadcast

Sorry señor, but my train of thought has been totes derailed by Doctor Who music.

Nope, not feeling it. I can not go street.


Keep being crazy, but also live dangerously, and eat your veggies.


2 thoughts on “Farmers Market

  1. annthe says:

    Did you post this on coffee as well or was that energy just coming from your ‘head’?

  2. Musical says:

    What do you think?
    My head.

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