The Process


March 26, 2013 by Musical

I don’t believe in following fads. So how in Gallifrey did I become a Whovian?!?!?

My good readers, I bring you, The Process.


Many of your friends urge you to watch one Doctor Who… just one. You being a ‘hipster’ (or some such nonsense) decline, not wanting to go head first into something everyone is watching.

You leave it at that, thinking nothing more about it.  It never comes up again, right? Let me just tell you, how extremely WRONG you are, but I pitty you. Soon your entire life will be filled up, every nook and corner. All of your time, used.

You older sisters, (who don’t care much about going with the crowd) start an episode in a public place. On a laptop in their bedroom? No, we must put it on the tv, so that we can make Musical watch it.

I sat through an episode, wasn’t awesome, wasn’t horrible, just okay.

A few nights later, I go downstairs to the kitchen to get some water, I see Andie and Neg watching another episode!

“Musical! You HAVE TO watch this one!”

NOOO!!! They too have turned to this ‘Doctor Who’. It would only be a few days until I was pulled over as well.

A few mornings later, Andie and Neg called me over to the TV.

“Do you wanna watch that one Doctor Who?”

“I simply must humor them,” I thought “then I can get rid of this ‘Doctor Who’ once and for all.”

I forgot that The Doctor cannot be killed with ease.

I watched the video. It was BRILLIANT. I adored it.


Now, I have been watching one or more daily. And I would tell you stay away, but this is an awesome show.

My favorite season is 2, and I simply can’t pick the best episode.

Once you see the second episode, you are hooked.

By the third, you are making fan art of you and your sister as time lords. I’m The Time Minister, residing at the Timely Manner. I have a Cosmic Camera. Pictures will be up next in my blog post.

I am in need of a Sonic Screwdriver.


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