I Have Escaped!!

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February 28, 2013 by Musical

You readers must be thinking, ‘Oh great, now she can stop complaining, and writing complain-y blog-posts!’

Firstly, let me make a virtual face at you.

| (O_0) {One word. R-U-D-E] |

Said the awkwardly faced face.

| (>_<) [*weeping*] |

Then it started crying and stuff.

Though, I’m not weeping, that is really fun.

Oooh I just found out how to go full screen!

Happy burfdee My Brother, Alfred! I hope you have fun with your new video-game!

Keep being crazy, but also live dangerously, and eat your veggies.



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I'm a spunky, fun-lovin' 13 year old. I live on a 10 acre mini-farm, with my 5 siblings and 2 parents, Dad, Mom, Russian Panda, Shorty, Alfred, HH, and Klingon, the newest member to our funny little clan. Everyday (since January 2013) I have been wearing a tophat and or bowtie, sometime everyday. I'm hoping my New Year's resolution will last. :3

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