What Is A Geek/Nerd?

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February 24, 2013 by Musical

I don’t do fads. I just cannot ‘go with the crowd’. It, it’s just unnatural to me. I love to research for some reason, so I use my splendid ‘skillz’ (as the kids call it) on looking up what is ‘in’ at the moment. Right now, steampunk is what some people are doing, if they want to play it safe, they just go with the ‘Nerd/Geek’ clothes. What even is a nerd? It was an intellectual ‘badly dressed’ unpopular kid, that everyone picked on. Now, put on a set of glasses, and TA-DA! You’re a nerd! Welcome to the cool club. Oxymoron maybe? Nerd pretty much means, unpopular. Cool pretty much means, popular. Those to words should hardly be in the same sentence! But now, you see any old publicschooler in public with a pair of huge ‘nerdy’ vanity glasses, a t-shirt that says: ‘100110101110100011010101’. The kid wearing that shirt probably doesn’t even know what that means, or even that that is a code! People don’t know who is the nerd anymore. Nerd, is really overrated.

Geek, means pretty much the same thing. Only, is not as used as ‘nerd’. So, when I do something nobody popular would do, I might call it geeky. (plus, geek is so much funner to write than nerd) For example. I adore LOTR, Star Trek, A-Team, Macgyver, others like that. I am currently learning to speak Elvish, My new year’s resolution was to wear a tie and top-hat of some sort, some time in the day, every single day, until next new years. I have kept that resolution. My favorite shirt is a green lab-coat. I have many others, but for now, I am hearing YMCA on the radio. Boogie time has now started. I must go. <starts dancing>



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I'm a spunky, fun-lovin' 13 year old. I live on a 10 acre mini-farm, with my 5 siblings and 2 parents, Dad, Mom, Russian Panda, Shorty, Alfred, HH, and Klingon, the newest member to our funny little clan. Everyday (since January 2013) I have been wearing a tophat and or bowtie, sometime everyday. I'm hoping my New Year's resolution will last. :3

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