Next Part Of The Story, And All About Tinkerbell

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February 5, 2013 by Musical

Here is the next bit of the story.

Oh yes that is today isn’t it?” Janti’s mom said as she stood up from her gardening, and dusted herself off.
“Yeaup.” Janti replied.
“We’d better et goin’ then hadn’t we?”
The two walked off inside to get themselves ready to go and do whatever they wanted to.
Janti went up to her room, and got on an awesome outfit, that she thought was perfect for where they were going. I shall describe from top to bottom, because that is perfectly orderly, and just makes me feel a lot better than bottom to top. On her head was a nice sleek jet black, tophat. Below that was a dandy bowtie, whose job was to tie all of the parts of the outfit together. Below,on her arms, were green, pink, purple, and blue colored elbow length gloves. She also wore a cute green ‘labcoat’. Under her ‘labcoat’ was a funny shirt with a bunch of Spock, and underneath each photo was an emotion, such as: “Sad, Happy, Mad..” and others. For pants she had blue jeans, and black converse shoes, came below the pants. Under her socks, was a pair of purple and green striped socks.

Now, I’m going to tell some updating stuff. I’m wanting to get a pixie hair cut, so that I won’t be so hot at camp this year. It’s going to be as long as it can, but still considered a pixie.
On a different note, I have now watched the Tinkerbell movies, and I must say, it is not the worst movie I have ever seen. I know, she can be a little annoying, but it seems like she has matured since Peter Pan, (Or is it that they have now made it so that you can understand what she is saying.. the jury’s still out on that.) I know many of you aren’t interested in learning about pixies…but, I’m in the mood, and I don’t get in that mood much… Lets start at where a pixie’s life begins. How is a pixie born? Are they hatched from eggs or are they mammals? I’m not very sure about this question, it’s probably some sort of wibbley wobbley timey whimey something or other. Anyway, each pixie is born from a baby’s first laugh, or giggle, something like that…. We don’t really have this down to a science yet, we just found out about pixies a few years ago after all. Now lets move on to when pixies arrive to the pixie hollow, they must find their talent, are they a garden fairy, water fairy, wind fairy, animal fairy, a tinker, or some other? After finding their very own talent they must leave for their own little part of pixie hallow.

I can’t really finish my big speech about pixies, because my timer is about up.


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