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January 25, 2013 by Musical

Some may know, I have missed almost 3 days for writing on here. I don’t plan to blog everyday, let me explain why.

First I need to tell you a little something else.

I have recently joined a speech and debate class. Some may not understand, but in order to build a debate case, you must fill out a certain form, almost. For example this is a real life case:

THS: Shoot for the stars.

D- Mr X should vote.

V- Bettering the USA



OK, let me stop there, All I need is that first part, the one in bold.



A– Analysis

What does this mean exactly?

Well my dear dish of pudding, Let me paint a picture in your mind. So, you’re in some store, you must buy your friend/loved one, a can of soup. Your friend/loved one wasn’t extremely specific, all they said was, “Go buy me soup.”. In case there is anyone who hasn’t gone to any grocery store, there is usually a whole aisle dedicated to canned soup.

In your pocket you have 2$, no more, no less. Your friend is very particular, they only want the best soup.

You MUST  find soup that is ‘uper yummo, and that is cheep enough for your budget.

Welcome to…


Now I shall tell you what that really means.

CBA is taking the cost to benefit ratio, to find the best product (In our case. It could be: to find the best anything, really.).

“HUZZAH!”  You exclaim. “I have found the cheapest bang for my buck!” Yay! Good job!


All of that to say, I have been doing CBA, and here are my results.  The cost of my time, hasn’t had the best benefits. If I were you, my loyal pudding dishes, I would not want lots of tiny bitty post, that aren’t long enough to give a story, instead, I would love a nice long post, that is well executed, and funny. In my past month I have given you the latter. I will change that, this moment.

I will post again, some point between tomorrow, and 2 months from now.

Thanks again for your loyalty, pudding dishes.


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