A Trip To The Kansas City Zoo (120)

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January 13, 2013 by Musical

Yesterday our Homeschool group planned a trip to the zoo. We all signed up to go, seeing as none of us had been there for a number of years (At least 3.). Our two littlest hadn’t even seen the zoo at all. We wanted to see what we had missed, plus we got a huge discount because of our group’s size, so this trip had great potential for us. So, it had been decided, we would definitely try to go to this event.

Going most places (Especially somewhere with a deadline early in the morning.) is a LARGE struggle. We were supposed to be at the zoo’s gate at 9:30. Since we have such a hard time going anywhere fast in the morning, we targeted 9:00 for our arrival time. To get anywhere (Out of our county) we need to wake up earlier than usual, about 6:00. Getting up can be very hard for our crew, the cause being that most of us are night owls, and I’m one of the only early birds in the house. Making my Mother, and I have to be some of the only people who can actually wake up the night owls, and be victorious.

The night before the big trip, I set an alarm for 6:00. I hadn’t slept extremely well that night, so I was already sort of awake when the alarm went off. I got dressed and went to go see if Mom had woken up yet. (The morning can be the best time to do work on the computer, especially in our house, because all of the noisy people are asleep.) I asked her if I should start waking up people, and she replied: “If you can.” Since I had permission, I went up and gently woke up the people who weren’t up.

Before you knew it, everyone was up, and on the way to being totally ready to go. At 8:00 we were in the van going down the driveway. Someone asked: “Why do they call it a Zoo?” A conversation started. Mom answered: “Well, Zoo is short for zoological park/zoological garden.” We chatted about that for a while, until we made it, we were the first people in the parking lot. This was very good for us.


After the whole group had gotten there, everyone split up and did what they wanted.

First we had to see the new polar bear, Nikita. **Watch Nikita’s daily life, on the Nikita Polar Bear Cam** (‘New’ meaning in 2010…) He wasn’t the most active bear I’ve ever seen, but of course, I haven’t seen many bears in my life, in fact, that is probably the first time I’ve ever seen a real one.. All he did really was walk around looking for food, not too interesting. Most of the time you couldn’t even see him. The KC Zoo is in the process of bringing a new polar bear to the old one, her name is Berlin. I am most excited about this, hopefully, with to polar bears, at least one of them has to like swimming. I did LOVE the exhibit’s set up, you could always see in the room. The Zoo did everything in their power to get the polar bear to do something, they threw closed buckets of fish in the water, attempting to higher the interest of the crowd, and I imagine, to get the bear to exersize.

Next we headed to Asia.

We saw a Red Panda, Tigers, Many different kinds of birds, Some Orangutan, and others. At the Orangutan exhibit, there were 3 in a large cage. A little one had some sort of handmade blanket, with which she was shoving through the wire hole in her cage. after doing this, she began to pull it out again. There was a fat, large boy orangutan in the very middle of the cage, with his hands together laying on his chest, and his head nodded down, asleep.

Then Australia.

We had started being ready to go home, at about the end of this ‘trip’. First we saw many, many, different birds, then Singing Dogs, then a number of different Kangaroos, and a Wallaby . There were two young Moms with a baby each, who walked up behind us, and were watching the dogs. One said to her friend: “Oooh Dingoes! Did you hear about that court case, with the Mom saying her baby was taken off by dingoes? Didn’t the rule that it actually WAS?”. (It just happened that a moment before Mom had been talking about that exactly.) Nobody wanted to say that those were actually not dingoes, and that they were Singing Dogs…

Then Tropics and The Discovery Barn

The Tropics was an AMAZING place, one of the best places in the zoo. Monkeys, otters, Birds, Porcupines, even monkeys trying to pull the ‘pokes’ out of the porcupines.

The Discovery Barn was awesome. You walked in the door to beautiful Macaws, Monkeys, Weird colored Frogs, and many others. Also, out in the back of the building there is a HUGE treehouse, not how you think, the inside of a big tree turned into a house.

And Lastly, Africa.

Before we had gotten to the zoo, that morning, HH was talking about the animal she most wanted to see. A Platypus. Since we sadly, could not find a Platypus, we had to see the next best thing for her. In her sweet little voice she asked: “After this, can we go see the Elephants?” the Elephants ate close to the entrance, so sure! That would be a nice thing to do for her.

We made it, our last stop. The Elephants. We sat on a nearby bench, as Alfred and HH gazed upon the glorious splendor of  The Elephant. We asked HH to spark a conversation, “So how do you like The Elephants?” she replied in a ‘matter of fact’ voice, “I haven’t seen them yet.” Everyone’s heart sank, we have to walk to another exhibit? We hopelessly tried to change her mind: “No, see? There right behind you.” HH turned around. “Those aren’t Elephants. Elephants have long necks.” Giraffes. It had to be Giraffes. They just had to put Giraffes in the VERY back of the entire zoo, just about the farthest away from the entrance as possible. “Remember the Platypus, remember the platypus..” We told ourselves as we trudged on to our FINAL stop.

On the way we saw Cheetahs, Lions, Rhinos, Hippos, Zebras, a Crocodile, and MANY others that I can’t remember at this date. Until we finally got to the giraffe exhibit. Many animals had been put away because it was too cold for them. apparently, Giraffes had to be one of them. To tell the truth HH didn’t seem to disappointed, she was hungry and tired, but not disappointed about Giraffes.

Mission complete! We didn’t find Giraffes, but we DID find just about the entire zoo in the attempt! We made it to the van, and were on the way home, from a splendid trip to the zoo. To make it even better Mom took us out to get milkshakes.


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