That Awesome Idea (115)

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January 8, 2013 by Musical

Julan Tru!


Have you ever had an awesome idea, but question the possibility of it working the way you want? I have that exact problem at this very moment.  My sisters, and I have been thinking about writing an awesome children’s book, having to do with cheese. (I’m not going to post it, because of copywriting reasons.) We think after we write it of course, we should publish it. I truly hope that is possible.

In other news I went to the bookclub thingy, and it was awesome! It was a dandy discussion about, dystopian novels. Our assignment for next meeting is to read a book that has been turned into a movie. My choice was Alice in Wonderland. Also we are supposed to bring 3 questions along with us.

I am quite excited.


I had to scribble down a bunny-trail, just because apparently, I cannot keep my mouth shut today. WARNING: NON-TREKKIES PROBABLY WON’T UNDERSTAND THE NEXT FEW PARAGRAPHS.

‘Julan Tru’ is a greeting from the Romulans. Much like the olden mucho popularity riddled, ‘Live Long and Prosper’, with the accommodation of the also popularized, hand gesture. The combined greeting of course being from the Vulcans. (I must add this is NOT the complete Vulcan tradition. The person being greeted by this odd person would then say in return, ‘Peace and long life.’.) Some may/have stated I have ‘gone to the dark side.’. (This, I might add is a total hybrid of Star Wars, and Star Trek, and heaven knows, that, to be put simply, is a total abomination of sci fi, and *everything*, a good Trekkie believes in, and lives till their final end of their long Trekkie life.) Tell me if I start rambling… but, anyway. Romulans are a people much like Vulcan in looks, but unlike Vulcans in that Romulans are one of the biggest enemy of The Federation, Ferengi being a much, lesser, threat, making the Romulans, and Borg, be dominant over the ‘baddest, badguy’. (Good gracious, I am now beginning to talk like Captain James T. Kirk…) So, some think that I am going Romulan, meaning that I’m going ‘badguy’, but, there is good still left in Romulans, I believe in them. There has been an outbreak of rebels, wanting the Vulcans, and Romulans to live in peaceful harmony, once again. But, of course there are some Romulans that are very, very, insistent on having them each different races, in different living space.

So, recap, I am not suggesting my support, approval, or even my ‘okay with’-ness of their clash with The Federation, Klingons, Vulcans, or anyone good who I might have left out.

*End Rant*

paint :)


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