Reasons Why Heifer is A Very Bad Name To Call Someone (103)

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December 27, 2012 by Musical

Hailing Frequency!

No, unfortunately, Mom doesn’t have a bun in the oven, but I did add another something. Two fishes. 🙂

The Downsides Of a Cow

Sorry for changing the subject so soon, but, anyway, let us get on with it. Unless you haven’t read about my burning dislike for my heifer, I must say it again. Our cow, is a young girl, and is IMPOSSIBLE to keep in a fence, that is unless you happen to have a bull in that fence. Almost as if timed, she releases herself on her own permission. Making Me, My two older sisters, and my Dad, find, capture, and herd her all of the way back to our house. No matter sleet, snow, rain or fog, she always ends up out of her formal living space, that we placed her in earlier that day. Now where it gets better.

Yesterday, Christmas day, Me, My family, and My relatives, were about to enjoy a delish dinner prepared earlier, by cooker extraordinaire, my Mom. Anyway, we were having a great time, when someone noticed a silver truck had driven up our long driveway, and a man started walking out of the vehicle. This doesn’t happen often, this happens like, never. So anyway, as anyone would Dad went to answer the door. For a few minutes he and Dad talked out on the front porch. Finally the man left and Dad returned inside. He did the faint chuckle and started putting on his boots. “Well,” he said. “Turns out, Bunny is at this guys house, in a pen, and the guy recognized the cow, figured it was ours, and wanted us to pick her up.” I hadn’t even started on my mashed potatoes, when I hopped up and started bundling up for the freezing weather outside.

The man lived about a mile away from our home, and Me, Neg, and Dad unfortunately, had to herd her back to our house, a mile away, in the snow and below freezing weather.

That is less than a 3rd of the stories I have to tell my future children.


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