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December 24, 2012 by Musical

Salve omnes!

Merry Christmas Eve!! It is snowing! It’s that day of the year that all of the late Christmas givers are out about the town! Yeah..I’m afraid that I might be one of them…. But let us get on with it and start with a fresh topic.

The Unexpected Seeing Of: The Hobbit, An Unexpected Journey.  

Brilliant, I know. But this was actually quite unexpected. Since about 5 months ago, when I first heard that someone was making another Lord Of The Rings movie, I have been WAITING to see it. I think I wrote at least one other blog post about it…. anyway, I can’t even express the extreme excitement bundled up in my brain. But, at my house I usually don’t see any movie over PG. With a few exceptions. I was so excited I looked for everything I could about The Hobbit, before it was released, I saw previews, reviews, everything I could, so many that I pretty much knew the whole movie. About a week before My sisters, I and a few other people were going to watch it in theaters, My Mom, and Dad had made a decision that I was a little under aged to watch this movie. I was ‘heart broken’ but I got over it in about 3-4 days. I was still really bummed about missing this though. Finally the day of the event arrived, a plan was set, and I wouldn’t watch the movie. Just as Andie and Neg were going to leave to the movie theater Mom realized a HUGE problem. They didn’t have a key for the car that they were taking. Dad accidentally took the one and only key to work with him. This couldn’t be remedied easily. Mom, Andie, and Neg, walked into a room and discussed a plan.  Finally Mom pulled me in the room, she asked, “What would you wear if you were going to see The Hobbit?” It took me a minute to figure out what was going on, when I yelled to the world, “YES!!!!” I was going to see The Hobbit. As it turned out the only way to let me go to the Ice Skating they were doing after, and Andie, and Neg getting to see the movie, was to let me go to both. I was ecstatic  The movie was awesome, and lastly, I had finally fulfilled my desire to watch it. I CAN’T WAIT FOR THE NEXT MOVIE!!!!!!!

Here’s the video of the day…Messy Mondays!

Photo of the day…



<Photo by me>


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