Burned Tongue

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December 14, 2012 by Musical

This is true, I am writing a blog about tongues being burned.

(I almost wrote the title ‘Burnt Tongue’ AKA incinerated… lol… If only you could see in my mind…)

Well, lets say, that you buy a large container of Hot Cocoa, at any store really. You are extremely excited about this, so much so that when you get done shopping, and have arrived back home, you simply MUST have some. You heat some water up in the microwave. After it is nice and hot, you dump that dangerously delish cocoa powder in your cup. You stir it a bit, and you look at it amazed, by the sheer beauty.

(Photo by: http://foodimentary.com/2012/01/31/hot-chocolate-day-2/)

You get sucked in. you must, drink, this, cocoa.


Unfortunately, you drank it. There are many ways it could have happened.

1. Microwaves are really mean, funky, strange creatures, thus making it look cooler than it was.

2. The cocoa hypnotized you into drinking it before it was cool.

3. You overestimated your tongue pain tolerance.

4.  You aimed for the sweet and nicely goo-y marshmallow, which wouldn’t sear your tongue off, but fell off target.

5. A prankster sibling came up and poured it in your mouth, burning your tongue.

I could think of more, but I think I can work with this many. Either way, your tongue was burning and you wanted it to stop. So while your tongue met it’s slow and painful demise, you ran to the computer, jumped on and immediately searched on Google. ‘First aid for a burnt tongue.’ You wrote. You check to make sure the website is legitimate, and open it. You understand it, but want to make sure that it is really a true statement. You know for a fact that people online can be lying, and want to make sure that it is true. Many places have different ideas of how to fix a burned tongue. Such as:

– Drinking cold water.

– Use mouthwash.

-Eat sugar.

-Tea and honey.

-Flour on tongue.

But who to believe??!? You just happen to know a splendid site for finding out what is fake and what isn’t. http://snopes.com/  

You find flour WON’T work. (See: http://www.snopes.com/medical/homecure/flourburns.asp ) So, maybe others do. You try drinking cold water.

(photo by http://www.fitsugar.com/Does-Drinking-Cold-Water-Burn-More-Calories-23830761)

RELIEF. LOVELY RELI- OWWW!!! Pain!! Relief doesn’t last long.

Mouthwash works okay..


Didn’t do a thing.

But before you know it, you have forgotten all about how bad your tongue hurt, and your complete attention is on anticipating going ice-skating. Lets talk about that for a bit.

Ice-Skating is an awesome activity when I was about 8 we went skating about every week. 🙂 This was extremely awesome. I think I got pretty good too.

Okay. I need a new subject soon, I’m getting bored with these. I am constantly at a loss for subjects for my blog post, which can make them be boring. But you can help! I know you all have brilliant brains, all I want is for you to use them and think up a hilarious, Educational, awesome idea, and send it to me VIA e-mail. (Please do try to be clean and do not send me ideas that would offend me, or anyone. Any morally wrong, or mean ideas will be discarded and never spoken of in my posts.) My e-mail address is claire@activeflock.com


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