Bettas, Debating and Some Christmas Craziness.

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December 10, 2012 by Musical


Recently, I was writing a blog post, and when I published it, I saw that I have written 95 posts (this, of course being 96). 4 more posts would be 100. That is a long way to come from my first wimpy post, to (I think) relatively long good post, I have written recently, and at the moment.   I have thought, and thought, and I only thought it right to give something in return for your great loyalty to my blog. but how could I express this gratitude? To tell the truth, I really hit a stumper. I can’t even think of a good idea now, but, I assure you, come the next 4 posts, I WILL have a special something waiting for you.


An odd title, this is true. I do have reason to do thusly. Lots of things are going about in His Hand Hollow. Lots of things indeed, making the somewhat strange title. The weirdness isn’t over, I assure you.

To begin, how about this topic? Splendid, splendid. This will do wonderfully. *

Betta Fish

Recently I got a Betta Fish, as a present from a good friend. You aren’t familiar? Okay, okay, I’ll get this set up for you. Betta Fish (Siamese Fighting Fish) are beautiful fish, the males are very territorial, and if put with another male Betta, they will fight to the death. Two females together won’t kill each other, but aren’t nearly as pretty as males. NONE THE LESS, I have been blessed with a handsome little fishy dude. His name is Volucris, latin for bird.  Here are him and his tank. Love this little guy! 🙂

A few days ago I went and added another addition to my little aquarium. A little black mystery snail. Why is it called Mystery Snail? I have absolutely no idea. I just know that it won’t get eaten by Volucris, and that it will eat the little grossies that foggy up Volucris’s tank. By me, he is a good little animal to have around. His name is Piscis, latin for fish. 🙂

Now how about a fresh subject? Alrighty! Will do!

Debate Tournament 

This was extremely awesome, and I think I did better than I thought I would ever do. I won the majority, (Which means I won the majority of the debates.), and the quotable  quotes award. 🙂 Had an awesome team, and an awesome time.

Christmas Craziness

I guess now you expect me to talk nonstop about Christmas. Nope. Raise your expectations, I am going to take it by the hand, walk through the past, and examine it! Normally, but, this post is getting awfully long, and I’m getting tired. so, I better just end it.

* I just noticed my family watching the old Battlestar Galactica. I’m very interested…. Odd indeed. Thank you Netflix. 🙂


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