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December 4, 2012 by Musical

for awesome.

(I bet you loved that little thing I did with the title, just to get you hooked.)

I just wanted to share the awesome things happening to me this week.

1. IM GETTING MY TOP-HAT. About a week ago I ordered online a costume style top-hat. I got a good deal, and I have been wanting a top-hat for a while. “But why? Why would you want  a top-hat? Are you in a play or something like that?” you say. I reply, ” Well, I’m not in any sort of play, and I just wanted a splendid hat to wear around town, or who knows, maybe out of town.”  The way I see it, this hat matches my bowtie, and shoes. So, I think it would be awesome to have. If start making fun of my top-hat, you just aren’t as cool as me. And that is that.

2. DEBATE CLASS!! I love speech and debate! The teacher has cute little girls, and she is very good at teaching.

3. VOLLEY BALL!!! On Friday, Andie and I will be going to a volley ball practice. Which is always awesome. Volleyball is the closest thing I have to a favorite sport. I’ve still gotta work on my serve, and my spike and bump could be improved, but over all is it really fun, and I like it.

4. DEBATE TOURNAMENT!!! Yes I do, do debate. No, I am not a nerd. I just enjoy it. PLUS, I’m going to have an AWESOME team. We are going to be a three person team, and I know everyone on it!!!  Tournament  starts in the afternoon and ends at night. So excited!!!

There are more things, but way less awesome. Like, the dentist. Only thank goodness I’m not going. 🙂 phew!

Now to get on to my annoying rant about something.


I really  cannot stand pills, Literally. I mean I can’t swallow it. I have to eat chewables or liquid. I also can’t ever find any adult chewable or liquid at the store. I just have to settle for junior strength. See the age label? Two years old to 11. As of last May, I am most certainly 12.  I had to point out how cute the little dino is on the box, to make my point clearer. Really, I don’t mind having a T-Rex on my pain reliever… it’s just to show that  this stuff isn’t made for me. I have to eat about  half or more of the box. (Not the actual box..but, know what I mean. Quit trying to confuse me. lol) I am positive there are more people who can’t swallow a pill…right? Oh well. I do not care.

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(photo credit to Wikipedia.)

(I just had to put this one up because it looks so awesome…)

My time is just about up. I have a little brother anxiously hovering around me, waiting for a turn, which I shall now give him. Live long and prosper.


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