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September 11, 2012 by Musical

As I dedicated “The Big World Of Chickens” to.. you guessed it, chickens. I, Musical, (Or you could just call me Cece…) this day, dedicate this post, to automobiles.

5 Curious Comments Concerning Cars 

1. As you probably heard in the movie Cars 2, “Lemons” means cars that never work right. Such as, Pacers, Gremlins, Yugos, and Trunkovs.

2.  The Peel P50 is the smallest car to go into production.

3. My Family has to drive a 15 Passenger Van.

4. The first car mass-produced was the Ford T. Model, by Henry Ford in 1908

5. The car with the biggest gas tank is Land Rover or an Porshe Cayeene. If I’m wrong, I’m wrong, thats all I could get.

The Story Of Maewyn Succat (And I Don’t Mean St. Patrick)

As some may know, Maewyn Succat is my awesome van. It’s a 15 Passenger, though, 5 seats don’t work. So, it fits our family with room to spare. There are 8 in my family, and I am so glad. I don’t like being cramped, (Though I would be, gladly, if I had more siblings.) and I don’t have to be. We also have another car, a minivan. With every possible seat it sits 7…and we have 8. But, no matter, it doesn’t work anyway. (Well, I mean, it drives, but.. let me just say this, it didn’t pass the safety test so that we could get a license plate…) So, we have one junky old van. It’s a clunker, would you like me to list missing parts? Okay, I can do that too.

Broken Pieces On My Van

1. The door.

2. The lock.

3. A Tail light.

4. For the longest time, another door, but that is fixed now.

5. All of the interior.

Okay, I’m going to tell you something quite comical. As I said before, I’m in a family of 8. We often drive around as a family. Also as I said earlier, the door is broken. That door just happens to be right where the majority of the family wants/needs to get out. Have you seen a 15 passenger? Being inside feels like being in a train, all the rows, and a passageway to get to the door. Some of my siblings were gifted with a small case of Claustrophobia (Including me…). (Claustrophobia as explained by Wikipedia: “Claustrophobia is the fear of having no escape and being closed in small spaces or rooms (opposite: claustrophilia).”). So sorry, I’m getting sidetracked. Anyway, When we need to get out, we all pile out the back doors and the front doors. Imagine, 8 people flooding out three doors, did I forget to mention most of us are girls (Thus resulting in many purses/bags.), plus, we have a baby, so either he has to be passed out (Not to be concerned with passing out.), or one lucky person has to carry him out dodging seats and what not. It indeed could be labeled comical.

And here’s a picture of my hot rod. 

Yeah, and that’s her good side… but it works.

Enough of me, I want to hear your story. Email me at with your funny story about your automobile, van or car, semi or dump truck, I want your stories.


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