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September 7, 2012 by Musical


Today, (Because I knew everyone wanted to know wacky facts about chickens.) I have dedicated my post to the species: Gallus gallus domesticus (If you don’t know what that means, look it up. It is school year, whats an extra search?). Anyway here we go.


Funny Facts About The Flightless Fowl


1.Chickens came from the jungle.


2.What came first, the chicken or the egg? Well this is pretty obvious… the chicken, duh! 😉


3. Chickens can fly… sorta, though they can’t fly they can fly. They can jump really high. Almost flying.


4.  The Chicken was probably first domesticated for the purpose of cockfights, not for food.


5. These birds are omnivores.


6. These chickens are scary things, I’ve seen a hen eat her own egg. As says:


Causes for a Hen Eating Her Eggs


The causes that incite hens to eat their eggs usually result because of poor husbandry or management practices. Chickens do not naturally eat their eggs. Once the management of the flock is restored to an acceptable state, the egg eating will stop. The list of major causes and corrections are listed below. A factsheet entitled Prevention of Egg Eating discusses the subject in more detail.


  • If shells of the eggs are thin and weak, provide proper diets as discussed in the nutrition section to correct the problem.
  • Not enough nest space is provided. Provide at least one standard nest for each four hens.
  • Keep plenty of soft nesting material in the nest so eggs will have a cushion on which to lay.
  • Collect the eggs more regularly, at least 2 or 3 times daily. The longer the eggs remain in the nest, the greater chance of breakage and consumption.
  • Provide plenty of clean, fresh drinking water. Hens need greater amounts of water than other birds and may consume their eggs for the liquid content.
  • Cull non-laying hens from the flock. Refer to Culling Hens for assistance with this process.
  • Maintain a disease-free flock that is treated regularly for internal and external parasites.


7. Alektorophobic (A fear of chickens).


8. A lady possibly, found a chicken head in her fried chicken box from McDonald’s.


9. Chickens run very funny… 😀


10. Roosters can be very aggressive, (And usually are… at least, I’ve never met a nice rooster.).


Mike The Headless Chicken


Twas on a day in September, the 10th in 1945 to be exact. Clara Olsen sent Husband Lloyd Olsen out to get a chicken ready for frying. Lloyd’s Mother-in-law was to be dining with them that evening. Lloyd chopped, but missed the jugular vein.  The chicken wobbled around like any freshly head-cut-off chicken would. Mike tried to peek at the ground, also he attempted crowing. Mike kept living, and breathing, and being a chicken. So Lloyd got an eyedropper and wanted to feed and water him on a permanent basis.


Mike The Wonder Chicken as Wikipedia says: ”


Once his fame had been established, Mike began a career of touring sideshows in the company of such other creatures as a two-headed calf. He was also photographed for dozens of magazines and papers, featuring in Time and Life magazines.[2]


Mike was on display to the public for an admission cost of twenty five cents. At the height of his popularity, the chicken earned US$4,500 per month ($48,000 in 2010 dollars) and was valued at $10,000.[2] Olsen’s success resulted in a wave of copycat chicken beheading, but no other chicken lived for more than a day or two.”


Mike died in the year 1947, 18 months after he lost his head (No pun intended.). He started choking one night in a motel in Arizona, Mike passed on that night.


The End


Yes, I know everyone wanted to know all that about chickens. If you liked press the button down there, you know, the one that says “like”… 😉 if you didn’t like it, just don’t say anything. 😀

And here’s a picture of a chicken.


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