Why The Wolf Was Misunderstood (The CORRECT Story of “The Boy Who Cried Wolf) Part 1

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July 24, 2012 by Musical

Seeing as my blog has been getting very boring, I asked my darling Mother, to give me an idea to write. She promptly did so.

It was just a normal day at Hollerstein, (The place the boy who cried wolf lived ever since he was born.) . The parents were watching their children, who were watching another child, who was watching Rodney, the town daredevil. “Oooh, look at Rodney! He’s up on the swing set, really high!!” said a girl in the crowd. “Don’t you be getting any ideas Charlene.” said the girl’s Mother, as she turned around, to talk to the ladies next to her.  “Someone should tell his Mother! The nerve of some people! Letting their children actually climb, on a jungle gym! Maybe we should alert the authorities…” The small crowd of ladies was filled with a harmony of “Yes”s and nodding heads. “Yeah, somebody really should put a stop to that.” said one Mom as she sat down. The crowd got quiet as Rodney started walking along the top of the swing-set. “What are you staring at? Oh, this? Its easy really all you have to do is have an awesome sense of balance, oh, and I almost forgot, you also have to-” Rodney had not been minding where he was going, and looked to be falling off of the bar on the swingset. Everyone closed their eyes as Rodney fell. “-be awesome!” Said Rodney as he landed perfectly on his feet. The crowd gasped, and soon after the children started clapping and cheering. The adults, however, started telling their children not to.


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