Centaurs Possible? I Think Not.

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May 31, 2012 by Musical


So, if you’ve watched “The Chronicles of Narnia” you probably know centaurs are creatures with the body of a horse, and… well, I guess torso and up of a human. But that wouldn’t be totally true, because, it has actually two torsos, and two necks the horse’s, and human’s. Anyway, looks cool, sounds cool, you think: “Awesome, so, can there really be centaurs?”, Well, I don’t think so. With that much more weight, I’m afraid, it would be prone to have trouble keeping balance, now, if it had toes, and bigger feet, or even just having something heavy on it’s backside, would help, but then we have the problem of anatomy. Well, the first anatomy problem that comes to mind, is the heart, having two torsos, you would have two hearts, and, well, I don’t know what would happen if a horse/human had two hearts (probably has happened, I am just a bad researcher). (To be continued).


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