Yay! I got around to doing another post!!!

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May 26, 2012 by Musical


SO, I think that I want to start doing productive stuff on my blog…yeah, I know, “About time Musical.” You are all probably bored out of your brains, of me talking about actually doing something. But I will actually do it this time. 😀 one second…EEK! Mommy got me some Reese’s Pieces.. XD So nommy. Sorry…anyway, I will be doing a picture of the day, (Where I will be taking a picture once a day if possible, if not, I’ll just get an old one. know one will tell the difference. 8) Sneaky, sneaky… 😉 ). I will be featuring one book author a day, and hopefully, one book a day. Every week I’ll do, a recipe, an essay…and I’ll finish this later, again. I think I’m gonna get a e-mail account! Yay! 


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I'm a spunky, fun-lovin' 13 year old. I live on a 10 acre mini-farm, with my 5 siblings and 2 parents, Dad, Mom, Russian Panda, Shorty, Alfred, HH, and Klingon, the newest member to our funny little clan. Everyday (since January 2013) I have been wearing a tophat and or bowtie, sometime everyday. I'm hoping my New Year's resolution will last. :3

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