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March 17, 2012 by Musical

Hey Guys,

You know when you think of something, and write it down then you find something, and you think, ‘Gee, I should’ve finished that, it would have been epic.’ so, you do, I’m doing this. It WILL be epic.

OK, so, by now I’m probably known for not finishing things, and I know this is not the best Idea ever, but I think this would be awesome!!! Soon I’ll post my drawings, and you’ll see how epic it will be.

By now you’ve probably found out that I’m starting another book, it can wait, but I just have this idea in my head.

You know enter is a good button,






OK, I’m full of ideas apparently, because, my big thinker just popped out another.I’ve noticed that like nobody reads this blog, so maybe if I try something different, like I do a postly thing (You know, like daily, only post-ly?) where it’s kinda like a newspaper. Yes I think I will, and it will start tomorrow. 🙂 I’m rather proud of myself!

Well, I’ve only got 12 mins left on the computer, and I don’t like to spend a whole times worth on blogging…so, Goodbye!! XD



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