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March 15, 2012 by Musical

Hey Guys,

As of late I’ve been doing little things like the YWP on NaNoWriMo, and I’ve found another place like that only this should be harder. I’m going to try to do a 52 paged script, this should not be too hard for me, I don’t think. Anyway, after I make the script I’ll make a movie. I can’t post it up here, but, hopefully, someone who lives close could come to our house, to see them sometime. Here is the only part that I’m allowed to write before April. Check this out:

(Script Version)

(Man with tie and button-down walks up to red door)

(Man rings door bell)

(Woman walks to door and opens it)


(Camera pointed at woman)

(Surprised) Who are you?


(Camera pointed at Man)

(Calm) I am Alfred Smith.


(Camera pointed at woman)

(Frustrated) I thought I got away from you!


(Camera pointed at Man)

(Laughing) Ha he, apparently not!

(Man smiles)


I’m not quite sure this is where I want my script to go, but I shall see.

You know, I’ve been thinking, what would a blog definition be? I mean, a blog can be many different things, for example, a blog to me is someplace I can be myself, (most of the time).   It could be a place to vent, a place to socialize, or even a place to learn. It can be pretty much anything, I don’t know what it’s purpose is for you, or if it’s just fun, but this is interesting to me.

I SIMPLY CANNOT WAIT! Mom said that us older ladies can go to our friend’s play!!!! I’m so excited!!!

I hadn’t realized how long it’s been since I posted, whoa, at least awhile.

I want to make a book, I think I’ll at least start it now, I’ll have to leave it for a while while I do a script and movie, but I feel like I want to.

Here goes:

A young sheep walked with great effort and difficulty for the load that he carried, through a blizzard on a lonely winters day. He saw a house in the distant yonder. It was placed near two giant trees, that looked slightly cave-like with knobs all over. Finally, with a last great push he made it to the front porch. He knocked on the beautiful door as an elderly ewe opened it and slightly smiled as she said “Oh, come in me darlin’.” “Thank you kindly ma’am.”  With a tip of the hat the youngster put his wet coat and hat on the pegs. He brought his load to the sofa and sat  “So, what’s a youngun doing out in a blizzard like this?” said she “ Oh, just travlin’ Ma’am.” Said he “Travlin eh? In a blizzard? Pardon me for  saying so, but  I don’t know a body who would go out in a blizzard by choice.” “Did I say it was my choice?” “You did’ent at that…but still, why? ”   “  If you don’t mind it’s not the happy-ist memory ever and I woulden’t love to talk about it.” Said He “Ok, Ok, I’ll leave you to your privet affairs, you don’t have to get all sarcastic. What’s in the bag though?” She said “I guess you might as well get it now, you’ll find out sooner or later.” He said as he picked up the bag and sat down beside her. “What is it?” “You’ll find out.” he said as he unzipped  the bag. She looked in and gasped, It was three lambs snuggled up in a pile asleep. “These are my brothers and sister.” “But, why—“  “I’m not done with the story yet…Mrs.?”  “Ms Bentheimer, my first name is Fluff, middle name Esther, All together is Fluff E Bentheimer.” ”Woah, Fluff E Ben-the-imer?” “ it’s pronounced—Whatever. Keep going with your story Mr…” “Najdi, Shag E Najdi.” “As I said, on with the story Mr. Najdi.” “Thank ye Ma’am. Well, about 3 years ago, in a village far far away—“ “Sorry, but this is starting to sound like a “Star Wars” episode.”  Najdi cleared his throat therroly  as to make a point. “Haruph! ‘Scuse  me Ma’am, but shan’t I start the long perilous tale?” “Oh, of course, I just thought that was copywrited,” She said looking up at Najdi.
Najdi rolled his eyes and again began to tell the story. The two stayed up half the night telling stories and about each other.

If this is misspelled or doesn’t have good grammar or punctuation, it hasn’t been edited, so this is a rough draft.

Hope you liked the post!





2 thoughts on “My movie

  1. kittysperson says:

    I love the story at the end! You came up with very good names for the sheep 😉

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